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Friday, May 18, 2007

Costumed Mennis

The sun is shining on a mild 71 degree day.

It's hard to catch everyone up, when I haven't made a real post in a while. As i said before, my birthday was good. Birthday "gifts" where still streaming in this week, with the few other relatives that forgot what day my birthday actually was. But loot is loot, and I'm still very glad they didn't forget totally. I have already used a partical amount of the money to by some much needed clothing. I have been struggling with the clothing i have, because nothing fits right.
This week has been a good one in entertainment. And as entertaining as my friends are, i mean media wise. Transformers premeired a new "exculsive" trailer on, that made my underpants brown (if you get me). July 4th can't come soon enough. I saw some trailers for Bee-Movie, Jerry Seinfelds latest.
Spider-man 3, not suprisingly, maybe only 60% of what it had made in it's first week this week. Thats probably because everyone who went out to see it last week (everyone and there mom), told everyone yet to see it (people living under rocks) how much it sucked, so they didn't see it. Yes, Spider-man 3 was a like a ball-sack sandwich. If you don't know whats in it, it looks pretty tasty. But once you taste it, it tastes like a ball-sack. That's bad. Then you can't seem to get that taste of balls out of your mouth. And once they were in your mouth, you can't take that back. I have never tasted ball-sack, but i have tasted spider-man 3.
In other entertainment, Lost was another good episode. I wouldn't say thay have saved themselves from inpending TV doom, but the true fans will stick with them. There is only one more episode left this season, even though it's 2 hours long. After that, 3 season, 16 episodes each. With only 48 episodes left, i think i can make it to the end. Heroes also will be signing off for this season this upcoming week. Being that it's the best drama series that nbc has put out, of course i will be back next year.
With all of these finales, and the midseason line-up strugging to entertain us. Heather and I decided to do the Blockbuster through the mail service. So far, we rented Pan's Laberynth last weekend, and we have yet to see it's postal presence.

Really, thats all thats happening. Riley is getting big. She is a brat, chewing everything she can sick her teeth into. Including her favorite; Flesh. However, she is adorable and an impossiblity to stay angry with her. I am typing this at work, which should normally mean that work is slow, but this time it means that I am waiting on just about every employee to get back to me on the cards i have.

I am thinking i am going to start the comic back up again.

Time for beer and nachos. Come back soon.

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