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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eyes to the World.

Luckily, Google has been able to yet again take the next step into beating out the competion in the online map industry (no matter how small it actually is), with the "Street View" feature. Clearly, the satalite feature was not getting close enough to the "action" and you weren't able to stalk sufficiently. I'm sure within the year, all the major cities will be posted and we will be able to dive deep into the lives of most inner-city living. After that? Well, lets hope Google reps will be knocking on our doors to come in and take pictures. Or maybe a follow feature, where it allows you to find a person, trace their everyday path, and then follow them around. Thanks internet for making stalking so much easier and more interesting.

i was able to make the walk from the subway stop, the A train on 145th, to Nick's old apartment on Bradhurst. It's farther than i thought. Also a little scary that i was able to find it that easily. I wonder if he was still liviing there when the pictures were taken.

Maybe I'll look up Donna's apt later. =D This is fun.


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