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Monday, May 28, 2007

In Memory of... Part 4

In memory of all those who have fallen in battle, I killed Nazi's today... on Medal of Honor of course. The controls are really shitty, but I am still getting better at the game.

lunch looks better on a nice new plate from urban outfitters. yum. nothing goes better with peach tea then turkey sandwiches... at least thats how my pallet feels.

I left the apartment only once to go to the gym, after that, I just lounged around in my boxers all day. I put up shelves, cleaned up the place, caught up with some people. All in all it was an OK Memorial Day. I miss Heather though.

The things i didn't do were the things i really wanted to; make a comic, design my tattoo, fix my blog.... all well. The LONG weekend is over.

I like porn. that is all.

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