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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Battle. The Defeat. The War.

Robot Chicken, the crazy action figure stop motion animation TV show is doing a full 30 minute special on Star Wars. Watch this clip and know why i am excited. SUNDAY played over and over again all night.

Upfront. I am pathetic, and low on confidence, so i come to the online communities for false affection because i can't get it in real life. But no such luck. this devils site, i'm in like with you has taken what i have left of my dignity and ground it into digital dirt. However, i am grateful for the people who actually read this blog. So thank you Jenna and Taylor for the confidence booster.

So, last night i was pretty angry. About the normal stuff, of course. I am almost over it now... ...yeah. But, seriously a ton of sleep should supposedly fix everything. After happy hour last night, i took at 2 hour nap, then woke up and watched "Bourne Supremacy" and a partial amount of "Never Say Never Again" (which is not an official Bond movie despite popular belief), played some Zelda, and watched UFO shows until eventually my eyes gave way and i passed out. This morning i slept until almost noon, totaling about 11 hours of sleep.

My plans for today are pathetic at best. I have to take back some movies to Blockbuster, I will probably rent a game in exchange, then i'll come back here and try and fix up the place. I have now made it my effort to have girls tour my pad that have never been here before. i need to look less like a slob in order them to tour the bedroom as well (if you know what i mean). if all works according to plan, this blog's content could take a turn for the worse... or better depending on how you look at it. Back on track, tonight i have plans loose plans for bowling, and dinner. i don't like how all my plans are loose.

loose plans sink ships...

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At June 16, 2007 1:49 PM , Blogger HEATHER said...

hey josh, i caught your blog off of jenna's. i'm glad to hear that you got a wii and zelda. i got a wii the day it came out (yeah i'm a dork, whatever) and zelda was pretty epic. the controls were annoying sometimes but it was a pretty fun game. i waited till i graduated to finish the game off because i wanted to enjoy it (during portfolio i took the wii home because it was too distracting). i hope you're doing alright and having a good time at hallmark!

At June 16, 2007 1:50 PM , Blogger HEATHER said...

oh and PS: thanks for sharing the folk typography. i LOVED looking at that!!! keep it up josh.


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