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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Civil Arguement.

i felt as if i needed deserved an icey spirit lifter after a small feud Green and i had earlier. She brought me some nice baked goods and i ruined it by bringing up how upset i had been the past couple days. Last night i had made it a point to tell Green just how i was feeling because i had hoped it helped. But just as if we were still going out, she came back with something i had said to make her feel bad, and all of a sudden, i lost my own fight. gah. I can't do anything in my favor. So back to cleaning up the place, drinking my "shushy" and trying to see if i can spy the hot chic that lives next across the way. Garth will be here at 6 and we are going to talk over dinner.

also thanks to Kerchner (yeah another Heather, ha) for reading too.

anyone else who reads still let me know so i can thank you too.

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