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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exorcise My Demons

Last night, the time had come for Heather to tell me to stop writing about her on this blog. It was an ugly situation last night, and we both ended up angry with eachother, but i will hold up my end of the deal, and this is the last post concerning that. Everyone can breath a collective sigh of relief they don't have to hear my bitching anymore. But i feel renewed. Some how last night had changed me. Getting up this morning was less of a stuggle, I was able to think about thing without getting upset. There are things i would like to write on this blog but i have decided to be a huge girl and start a journal. To both keep my sanity AND write about the things that bother me, i need an outlet.

Oddly enough, there is NOTHING interesting to post yet today. That leaves me in quiet the conundrum on what to post now. Hm. So i am going back to an old stand by:
Dr. McNinja
The picture says it all i think. Pretty ridiculous, and ridiculous = funny.

Maybe more later.

...after a demon is exorcised i bet the demon feels pretty crappy...

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