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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Adventure Without You.

5:30, I awoke up to darkness, put on the clothes i set out the night before, and threw the remaining luggage in my car. I filled up my tank for the first time, about $25? (the bank doesn't have record of it yet), and headed to McDonald's for some delicious fast-food breakfast. I drove out toward St Louis through hellish rain that lasted until the point where i reached the city. I stopped just before i got to the city to stretch, get some gas (another $20-25). I saw the Arch... misted by clouds, from a large distance. But I saw it. I sped through Illinois and on to Indiana. Both of which looked just like Missouri; flat, boring, and long. I drove through Indianapolis, where there was some construction going on and i feared for the simplicity of my route. It turned out that i was able to pass right through the problems and head to Ohio with little more then some crowded traffic. I did learn that people in Indianapolis drive like they are all on the speedway. I filled up right before i hit the city, so through Ohio i was hoping to be on the same tank. 25 or so more bucks, but at the cheapest price of $2.74/gallon. In Ohio i hit a snag. There was an accident where I-76 became two lines each direction. That took about 30 minutes to a half hour to clear up. It was long enough for everyone to shut off their engines and step out of their cars to stretch a bit. So, i did the same. I was able to get to West Virginia before i had to fill the tank again. Unfortunately, the gas there was almost $3, and i was getting nervous, so i wasted $10 to make it across the PA border and hope for cheaper gas. Crap. So i got stuck on the road that Cabelas must have been started on because the street and bridge there were named after it. And i thought the mid-west was bad. After in Pa, it started feeling more like home. Other then the hills that continued over from Ohio, Pa also had lots of rocks and farms close the the highway. I was pretty much home. As i got deeper into the state, i made a stop at a Sheetz. MMm... the taste of Pa. 25 more bones in gas, a turkey sub, and some Vault, and i was on the turn pike home. This was hell. Really long, dark, boring, tiring, nerve-racking. Just bad adjectives. But, there were tunnels. I love tunnels. The turn-pike broke 219 miles and $11.75 later. After that, i was only narrow Pa roads, full of tons of bugs, deer and other hazards. But i made it. 10:30 on my watch, 11:30 on the east.

All together, we'll say a little over $100 spent on gas. Much cheaper then a plane. Finishing with 358 songs listened to. i know there was stuff i wanted to say before but i have forgotten by now.

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