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Sunday, August 5, 2007

By the River Bed

Lately i haven't had time to post... and on top of that... nothing really interesting. Lately, i have made it my claim to start watching less reruns on TV and start watching something new, maybe a movie, a new TV show, play a video game, but mostly start reading more often. Here are some movies i have watched the last couple days:

Big Nothing - Simon Pegg, of "Shawn of the Dead" Fame, sports a brilliant (and surprising) American accent for this film. Along side him, David Schwimmer, and newcomer (the very cute) Alice Eve. This UK released dark comedy, is based around Charlie (Schwimmer), a man hopelessly determined to land a book deal to support his family. He meets Gus (Pegg) when he is forced to work in a call center, and hilarity ensues. The naive and innocent Charlie gets wrapped up in a blackmail scheme against a naughty priest, with the help of Gus, and Josie (Eve). It's not the best dark comedy i have ever seen, but it is a great movie. There are some hysterical parts, beautifully made indie-esqu animation sequences and camera work. Following up with a story that is not only about finding an "honest" living but about what secrets a person holds.

The Host - Magnolia Pictures is a risk taker of independent, foreign, and documentary films. In the past it has panned out well for them. The Host, i felt was a little disappointing. I was hoping for a Korean made monster epic, and what i got was a cheesy indie film. Based on it's low budget, the most impressive part of the movie was the visual effects. The monster was great, especially in the first scene were you get an upfront look at it. The fact that they show the monster instead of shrouding it in mystery until the end of the film says volumes about the movie. The very beginning of the movie starts with scientists getting rid of "dusty" phermaldahyde into the sewer, which apparently is the main ingredient in creating man-eating beasts. Then the film started to move in loops when they tried to add the fact that there was a virus being spread by "the host" (aka. the monster), which had nothing to do with the real plot of the movie. There was also a weird sense of humor, where i felt that the main character was probably mentally handy-capped. Also, i felt the very ending, though surprising was off-center and left me uneasy. In it's defense, i was also very tired by the time the movie was over, and i had a lot on my mind at that point. Altogether, i still felt it was a good movie, just not to it's potential.

The book i started was "Body for Life." Have i turned into "that guy"? i hope not. But i am curious, and if this book can help me lose the rest of the weight that has been hanging onto me, then it won't be so bad. Even if they guy on the cover totally looks like a douche-bag.

This weekend was draining... and still is... i guess thats because it's not over yet. I have gotten myself into a situation with my living arrangements. GAH. I am not really sure where i will be living after 2 months are up. And even less certain where i will be in 8. I went to a house warming party today and it was a great time, but i did make me think about my own living arrangements. Tomorrow, another party.

I picked up the new "the Starting Line" CD, as well as 300. I don't normally buy a DVD before I buy it. But i have been told that i am pretty much guarantied to love it.

Thats it... there thats a another huge post for everyone to read until i get to post another.

"All I wanted was to fly. How could you sit and watch me die?"

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