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Monday, August 27, 2007

In 1970 (I Am The Killer)

Quick reviews on this weekends movies:
Superbad - Lately, there has been a rash of entertainment that just pushes you to the uncomfortable edge of comedy. This edge is just what the movie industry needs right now to break a streak of stagnant recycled jokes and puns. Seth Rogen, actor in, and producer of; 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and and Superbad, has now made quite the image for himself. But as the writer of Superbad, i feel he really found his calling. The fast paced conversation type hmor is reminiscent of Larry David (Writer of Seinfeld). The crude language and subject matter also make American Pie look like a PG movie. Judd Apatow had this style down earlier in the summer with Knocked up, and probably did a slightly better job, but all in all, this is the new wave in comedy movies, and I love it. This movie was made with an artistic vision of a 70's movie, made today. Made with a completely original funk score and retro opening credits. Jonah Hill (Seth) and Michael Cera (Evan) really had a great chemistry which gave the movie a certain believability. When Seth, Evan, and Foggle (McLovin'!) find out about a party that could change their total outcome of high school, they go on a mishap filled evening of acquiring booze, sex and status.

Zodiac - When I first heard about the Zodiac Killer long, long ago on the Discovery Channel (or TLC, or something), I was instantly interested in it. He was a killer, who was never caught, that supposedly killed a massive amount of people, in 1970's California. By the time this movie came around, I found out i had forgotten most of the knowledge i had known out the Zodiac and was speaking out of my ass, but i digress. After I heard that my favorite director David Fincher, and actor Jake Gyllenhaal would be taking on the film, i figured it was a "cannot fail". It didn't. It was however a little slow and long at parts. But Gyllenhaal played the part of Robert Graysmith, who researched and wrote a book about the Zodiac, and he played it pretty well. Robert Downey Jr is finding a good place in my heart too. There were some visuals that pointed to the stylings of Fincher, but i felt there could have been more, it could have helps the slow scenes be more interesting. "Based on a true story" doesn't normally say "good movie" to me, but this was definitely up there.

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At August 28, 2007 2:02 PM , Blogger HEATHER said...

superbad was CLASSIC! my favorite part about the movie were the two cops. ("I'm assuming you all have guns and crack!") i want to meet cops like that.

At August 28, 2007 8:06 PM , Blogger Josh said...

i agree, it was classic. i don't know if i had a favorite part but it was still amazing.


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