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Monday, August 27, 2007


I would like to say i was finished complaining, but we all know that is not true. The weekend was rough, a lot went on that I wish would have never had to happen. But it did. Now, i would like to be anywhere but here. I just want to be no where close to this area at all. Will this pass? Well, i hope so, but for now, if some one gave me the opportunity to move to North Dakota, i would probably take it. Once again though, i am starting over in life and I'm trying to , i just wish it was a environmental change as well. That's all i am going to go into because again, i have to censor myself.

Looking at stock photography of Bulldogs always makes me smile though.

Design also makes me happy. Check this out.

Justin Hethcoat is his name. He does a lot of fun photographic/illustration combinations. He also had something to do with this rockin song about logos. Take this Design Gansta. This is a design rocker!


Contrary to all of this depression, I had a great day on Saturday. I bonded with Aaron, John and Heather at the zoo. And Aaron bonded with an orangutan. There is something you have to understand about the Kansas City Zoo. Some cities make zoos to add tourist interest to their city. But smaller cities sometimes can't have big extravigant zoos like the Philadelphia Zoo (as i am most framiliar with), San Diego or Bronx Zoo. However this didn't stop us from having a good time. That morning we had breakfast at Suchotash too, which started the day off right. After coming back to Aaron and Johns i reminisced on some better times by playing some Super Smash Bros. We left for Chilies for dinner, which i haven't been to maybe ever?, and then to see the hysterical movie Superbad. I will probably post a full review later today or tomorrow, but for now i will end your suffering.

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