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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sunny but Raining.

Another beautiful day here in Missouri. It's about time. According to to dashboard is 10:30, sunny, and 70°. Infact, This entire holiday weekend should be quiet similar... good thing i will probably be wasting my days indoors by myself. haha (it's funny, AND sad!). Hallmark has done greetings a big favor and arranged "Take 5," which is not only a break, but it is 5 hours off of course. A Half day! YES! As soon as i get off the schoolbus, i am going to go play in the yard!

My attitude has changed with the weather; this week is much better than the last. I feel like i have had a lot, like helping two friends move, to keep my mind off of the things that bother me in my life. Some of those things have gotten better anyhow.

... ah... and then it happened. Hallmark took away our half day at around 11:10. Most mangers had made it a point to "forget to send out the e-mail" or "forget to read it" if you were an employee, but our manager called a meeting AND sent out an e-mail with this information. Hallmark has now put and opposite effect on our reward, and even people who didn't come back are still bitter. I'm going to try and not let this ruin my mood.

Today at lunch we started talk to talk about politics. I hate politics. I feel like there is so much weight on them, that people change when you bring them up. So... i can only be friends with people that share my own views? Luckily, the people i ate with are pretty non-judgemental and once the converstion was over things were back to normal, but i still felt the tension in the air when we couldn't agree on topics.

Come on work day... just end. Eff it. i'm leaving...

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