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Monday, August 13, 2007

You Call This Vacation?

300 - This will be a short review. Awesome! Done. Ok, quick, based on a story written and illustrated by the talented creator of Sin City, Frank Miller. This movie was just as beautiful, but in a different way. The black and white of Sin City was replaced with a sepia-tone color. It was more action this time than intricate story line. And full of action it was. It's based on the story of only 300 Spartans who take on all of Persia. I haven't seen action sequences done in such a unique way since The Matrix. Watch it and find out what i mean.

Disturbia - Get it? It's a play on words! Shia LaBeouf, that kid from Even Stevens? Besides landing his latest role in the new Indiana Jones flick, and the smash Transformers movie, Shia lead the cast of Disturbia. I still don't know how i felt about this movie as a whole. It was advertised as a PG-13 horror movie, but the advertised "killer living next door" i feel is secondary to the love story. Early on you are made to feel bad for Kale (LaBeouf), that life is just throwing one bad circumstance after another. He ends up under house arrest and starts spying on all the neighbors, one a hot girl, one a serial killer. I was happy to see that the movie was more well rounded then originally advertised, but at the same time i felt that it was 2 movies. Biggest surprise of the movie though, Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) was his mom. I rated it 3 and 1/2 stars on Blockbuster Online.

Mean Girls? - One of the most surprising movies i have ever seen. Tina Fey is was a constant disappointment as a writer of SNL, yet as the writer of 30 Rock she excels. Mean Girls must have been her first outlet for good writing. It was probably also the last movie Lindsey Lohan still looked hot. Basically an homage to 80's high school movies such as "the Heathers", a nice, nerdy girl joins the popular click, the Plastics, and when her personality changes things back fire. Surpassingly funny.

"And you, I’m missing you I don’t want to, but I will"

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