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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Devil's Happiness.

I'm holding out hope that some people still find joy and/or help in my movie reviews. I am struggling to find an good length to make them too. Here it goes (in the order i watched them):

Drive Thru- Gore + really cheesy lines + bad nonsensical plot line = Crappy horror movie. Good times, I missed these.

The Ex (aka. Fast Track)- A cute comedy about a new father who loses his job and has to work for his father in law at an ad agency. Jason Bateman nails his roll and doesn't disappoint as the cock, crippled, "star" advertiser at the firm. Bateman pretty much makes the movie for me, Zach Braff didn't blow me away. It's not really no stop laughs, but it has it's moments. As a warning towards designers; this movie has a grossly inaccurate depiction of creatives, pretty much calling them crazy and eccentric (well, maybe not completely off...).

Black Snake Moan- Christina Ricci's boobs are awesome. Sam Jackson's singing is awesome. Justin Timberlake... is OK. A really fantastic, original story about an old blues singer that tries to help sex addict break her bad... sexy habits. I can't think of a complaint of the top of my head for this movie. It was the best of the group i am reviewing.

Oldboy- The Korean movie in which the guy that shot up VT apparently imitated a picture from so that give you an idea. This movie is seriously fucked up. It's redeeming values where some cool fighting sequences and proverb like narration. But, the use of incest as a main plot point was a little weird, and kind of a turn off.

Come October, the only movies i will be renting will be horror based; Zombies, Killers, Blood and Gore, Monsters, Paris Hiltons acting (ZING!), etc.

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