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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghouls, Who Needs 'Em.

So, i have come to realize that my life lacks interest. And, without interest, there is no point of trying to ramble and make some sort of reading material out of it (like i am doing right now). So, i am sorry for the lack of updates.

Halloween is today (Happy Halloween!) and pretty much all of the holiday festivities had been expelled by this passed weekend, exept for pumkin carving last night. Saturday was a great party that was heavily documented through pictures, so I'll do my best to include some later. My Peter Griffin costume for this event was a disaster. I attemped to resurrect some college knowledge of theatre make-up, and make a Knox gelatin mask, but i was stopped short when it kepted falling off of my face. So i went with "plan B", which was drawing the butt-chin on. Though, it really didn't matter, because other than an additional 4 people, no one had any clue who he was. Disapointing. People were more curious about where the hell i found green pants. HAha. It was Urban Outfitters, by the way. Everyone looked great though. Alcohol helps.

Work has been... more different than usual. I have been doing some extracurricular activities and taking more "leadership" roles to spice things up. We are currently doing Generational Studies... I am learning a lot about both myself, and my "Generational Buddy".

Thats it for now. More words than media, but it will have to do for now.

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