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Tuesday, April 24, 2007



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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Greatest Sin

So i traded in my bibles and earlier morning church services, for sleeping in and McDonald's breakfasts... i feel pretty guilty about it every morning. i don't know if i will ever get over it either. I don't think i will ever do anything to change it though.

today was a good sunday. after mcdonalds breakfast, and some much needed conversation, we had shish-kabobs and smores... from a grill neither of us knew how to use. i got a hair cut (and i have to say it looks pretty darn good), played with riley, did some laundry. obviously, the grilling with heather was the best part.

last night was the decemberists concert. amazing musicians. missed it? go here. this is the definition of irony. this conversation starts out. "this is why i really hate you tube. situations like this." Colin seems like a really cool level headed dude.

My birthday is next weekend... yey... i'm not really that thrilled... we will see what goes on that weekend. i'm supposed to get my tattoo... but i haven't been thinking about it enough to have a design ready.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Straight to the Heart

CD Exchange Club 3 - I Hope You Like It.

if you don't have it... make it.

this cd is a goodbye. Kristen, goodbye. For a journey to New York.

i'm not really going to go into the VT tragedy today. I'm sure everyone has heard more about it then they would like to already. From the prospective of a person with a good friend that is a Hokie, it is a scary event. Please give a moment and pray for the lost and their families.

time to crawl into bed.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Forget What You Already Know

it comes out today. i probably won't see it until it's on video i'm sure. blah. but hell yeah.

Get Smart!it's about time. 2008 though? i still think steve carrell makes a perfect Maxwell Smart.



That was the best Lost episode yet. Crazy.
Other than Lost, things aren't going so well. I never know what to do to fix things.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


ok, sorry, this is the real thing. think of this as the SAT's of Josh. it's not easy


Monday, April 9, 2007


my turn to make a quiz


Holiday in the City

When you are a kid, you think about how cool everything will be when you grow up. Once you hit college, you realize that growing up means moving away and, well, "growing up". You join the work force, and forget all the fun you had as a kid...

One thing holds true... It's Easter Monday, and it's about an hour from the end of the day here. I have kept myself suprisingly busy for most of the day, and even took a shorter lunch then usual, so i figured I deserved to take a little down time to write something in my blog. It's sucks we even had to come in today. What happened to almost a week off of school.

To keep you updated: I haven't updated in a while because my time has been occupied by the new love of my life; Riley. Riley, is Heathers 8 week old Boston Terrier that we are currently trying to house train, feed, etc. I have been spending more time at her place in the last week then I had all together since she moved into the new apartment. Riley is definately worth it. And I feel like it's helping between Heather and I too. More importantly (just joking, or am I), I got a Nintendo Wii the Saturday before Riley got here. The Wii is pretty much everyone expects it to be. FUCKING AWESOME!

As different as life is now, we still find ways to hold on to childhood and have a good time, such as the Wii. Holidays certainly have changed. Instead of the traditional Easter Sunday were my family would go to church and then eat a small dinner midafternoon, eating candy all the while in between. This year, I woke up late, ate McDonald's Breakfast, then Papa Johns for Easter Dinner. All the while, we took care of the dog, and played the Wii. Of course. I did call my parents, but neither one was available to talk. I feel like friends are closer then family... I feel like that has been like that for a while now. Kansas City was just an excuse to make it a legit reason why. The highlight? Heather got me an Easter Basket. I think it was the timing of it that caught me off guard... but i feel like i need to be more appreciative of it to her. I am pretty thankful for my friends here (especially Heather).

All-in-all, i still think it was a good Easter (and good last couple weeks since I had posted). It wasn't very traditional, but maybe this is a new tradition i could get used to.

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