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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tall Can Vacation.

As I promised (maybe i didn't "promise"), just as if i was sitting at work, not doing "work", I am going to post.

The trip was long, obviously, but many good things came from it. I zoned in and out of random thoughts. So much so that i feel like i didn't really accomplish anything on the drive. Well, expect of course, the blatant "getting to Pennsylvania" objective.

Design stuff: i picked up this gem on the trip.
Ace Energy Drink
The link is a MySpace. They don't have a real web page yet, I just links you there. HAha. Wow. I picked it up for it's design. I bet someone had a fun time with this one. Sexy 50's style pin-up girls, a classic logo, and obviously WWII air fighter graphics. As for the product... it tastes like an energy drink; the robust flavor of cough medicine, toilet water, and sour (thats the juice flavoring! YEH!) AKA, very bad. Pumped full of sugar, vitamins and... energy? I really should have got a picture of the nutritional facts for you as well. It's $1.69 and 16 oz. is more than enough.

Today, while enjoying vacation i saw a Cold Stone commercial.
Classic, and beautiful. It makes me want to enjoy their delicious ice cream all the more. I suggest watching the other 2 that link after the video is finished. The little kid one might be the best, but this is the one i saw on TV.

I will more formally summarize the trip when i am able to post pictures... but right now i am having a memory problem on my computer. Stupid songs.

Also, on the PC, my blog is showing up as "centered". Is that what everyone else sees or is it just that shitty PC my parents have.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Running From the Sun

I made it. And in 18 hours no less. The directions were Josh proof (a straight line), so other than the 4 hours of rain in the morning, the trip went pretty smooth. Thank you to everyone who wished me luck, who was curious to how my trip was going, and especially to all the people who called (or texted) me while I was on the road. It was great distraction from an already long trip and my ever playing iPod on shuffle.

I will post more on this later, either when i have time on this vacation, or afterward when i wrap it all up. i also have plenty of pictures to share. but, i still haven't seen what any of them look like, so there is a possibility nothing came out.

My body is drained but i can't get myself to sleep. It's 10 minutes til 1 here on Eastern time, but my body is still set an hour behind.

g'night world.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday is the New Friday

So, tomorrow the trip begins. I am psyched and scared at the same time. The weather looks like it's going to be OK.

I'm adding Sheetz to the list of things to do in Pennsylvania.

So i missed links this. So enjoy this for today and tomorrow.

Character Avatars!:

That should keep you busy until i get to post again.

5am tomorrow... the adventure begins.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Journey-man, The Chariot, and The Supplies

My route. 17 hours, 5 minutes. I am going to do my best to make a a couple pit stop as i go through the major cities such as Indianapolis, and Columbus.

Gas Buddy. This little piece of technology is how i am going to keep track of my gas.

about 30 miles to the gallon, and a 12 gallon tank, that means i will make it 360 miles before i have to fill up again after Kansas City. Which means i should get to stop in St Louis quick too.

Things i need to bring with: camera, iPod, Wii and games, clothes, laptop, food for the trip (beef jerky), cash for tolls, nalgene.
Things to bring back: crock-pot, case of yuengling, turkey hill iced tea, transformers toys, ladies numbers.
Things to do in Pa: Watch the Transformers Movie, Watch Die Hard, play lots of video games, eat Dominos, Mini Golf, pick up chics, Shady Maple, run.

The lists will grow. please comment me on any suggestions. other then "you're crazy for driving" because i have heard that one already.

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Rainy Day Give-Away

Some bands might be too nice for their own good. The Format is one of those bands. Go download their newest album, "Dog Problems," for free on their site, for it's 1 year anniversary.

more later?


Blue and Green.

Things are going better today. Not that they were horrible yesterday, but things just didn't go as planned from morning until night. It was kind of a nice relief to fall asleep finally. Today, though rainy, is more according to plan at least. Even though i had to wait about an hour to get my car back from inspection, it only cost me $12! I mean 12 bones?... thats nothin. Tomorrow, with luck, Cecilia and I will be getting our license and registration during lunch. That means tonight my big plans consist of finding my old paperwork.

Links today, an old stand by; Danny, Kristens boyfriend, and a very talented designer, has posted about this many times before. But for the people who don't read Danny's blog (i wouldn't think most people read it), this is 365 Portraits. Yes, one for every day of the year. Danny was actually featured on his birthday. Here. What a sexy beast. Feel blue might be his favorite color.

I hope to post later tonight.

"i've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one."

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

[Bad] Luck Has Everything To Do With It.

Other than waking up late today, NOW a "suspicious package" his keeping me from my car inspection... just in time too. So i reschedualled for tomorrow.
In all honesty, what idiot would want to blow up Hallmark? Are they trying to take down America's moral starting withe the smallest piece? This way no sympathy cards can be sent out?


It's coming down to the line on how long i have to get this inspection and registration. And this isn't helping. Hopefully, on the upside, i still have this Paris Hilton thing to go to instead. If dinner gets ruined tonight because of my "Bad luck day", I may as well just give up.

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Bleed the Orphan.

I got a free poster here. All you have to do is find 25 hidden design terms based on the pictures representing them. You have 100 seconds. If you win you have to pay 3.50 or something for shipping, but as long as it's not a hoax, i think it's worth it. I don't know how long supplies last, but it's a fun thing to do durring work. If you work at a design firm of sorts that is.

More Apple then you wanted to know. Sorta interesting though.

I woke up late this morning. I have class at 9:30 have to leave early to take my car for it's inspection at 11. Dinner at Lulu's tonight after the gym. In between all that, work. Short and to the point. Have a good one, maybe i'll post later.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

The New Heart Shopping.

Jeremy Pettis.
More type. i know. But i love good typography.

Guerra de la Paz
doing some pretty sweet stuff with action figures, and fabrics. Enjoy.

After a long weekend of fun-filled excitement and uproarious behaviour from Lauren, her sister Emily, and her best friend Melissa. I learned the secret language of "Op", sudoku, and new ways to have fun. The group is obviously a good one or else i probably wouldn't have kept coming back. With the Plaza Friday evening and Saturday morning, and Legends on Sunday afternoon, the weekend was mostly shopping. I got a couple things, i feel like i need to be more creative with my wardrobe now. We went to Worlds of Fun Saturday night, that was a lot of fun. It was like discovering a part of Missouri I had never seen (even though literally it was, i mean figuratively). It has been quite some time since i have been on a roller coaster, running around the park, just having a good time like a teenager. If you get the chance, go. Come Friday, I feel like i wil get more of this kind of fun, being that i will be going home to be with highschool friends. Until then though, there is a decent amount of work to be done.

love, Josh

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Good Luck, Friday.

Oh good morning indeed.
A few things to post: Because i work for a card company this is appropriate research:
Seriously Postcards.

Some e-cards.

Also, this guy, Josh Powers, just left Hallmark.
I would have left too if they weren't letting me illustrate. Good luck guy. I don't think it would be hard to make a name for yourself.

Come on Hallmark, get with the mother fuckin flippin times!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sheer Insanity.

FINALLY! Something actually worth posting. Check this out. BLACK SHEEP! greatest movie ever? Maybe so.

Sheep puns know no bounds.

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Trees Are So in Right Now

You thought i was giving up huh? Fat chance suckers.

Today was something else. I worked all morning on a card, only to have someone tell me all the things i should do to it. Sadly, I feel like i should take their advice because my cards don't look "classic humor" enough. Blah. Basically, it's everything i learned to hate in college. Drop shadows, gradients, mixing CAPS and lower case in ways you shouldn't. All well.

I left early from work to help Lindsey move. I am pretty beat, but I'm sure she appreciated it. Everyone is getting a house out here. Hers is a really nice place. A place i can see myself in as well. It would be nice to have a roommate though for something like that. It makes me kinda wonder if i want one too. Hm... This is me wondering.

I have every intention of going home now. I'll be back in PA over the 4th. I am psyched. I'm putting together a list of things to do a home. You'll see it... I mean i post pretty much everything happening in my life on this thing.

Any links Josh? I'm afraid not. Well not design links. Lets focus on music, because the interesting design stuff, i feel, is slim this week.
The Starting Line has an amazing cover here. At least i think so. Album out in July. Philly represent!

Manchester Orchestra. Do not be deceived this is not an actual orchestra. Indie-rock ala Brand New and Nada Surf.

Also check out Cartel. OK, so i am a big girl listening to pop-punk still. But it's just so damn catchy. Their new single Lose it... awesome. Thats all i feel like giving up.

Obviously, tree's are so in. and cool type.

Chances are, no updates for a little. I have a fun weekend ahead of me. But i will tell you about it after it's over.

Remember how the PS3 sucks? I do. Wii sold 338,000 consoles last month. ps3... 58,000. ouch.

love, Josh.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exorcise My Demons

Last night, the time had come for Heather to tell me to stop writing about her on this blog. It was an ugly situation last night, and we both ended up angry with eachother, but i will hold up my end of the deal, and this is the last post concerning that. Everyone can breath a collective sigh of relief they don't have to hear my bitching anymore. But i feel renewed. Some how last night had changed me. Getting up this morning was less of a stuggle, I was able to think about thing without getting upset. There are things i would like to write on this blog but i have decided to be a huge girl and start a journal. To both keep my sanity AND write about the things that bother me, i need an outlet.

Oddly enough, there is NOTHING interesting to post yet today. That leaves me in quiet the conundrum on what to post now. Hm. So i am going back to an old stand by:
Dr. McNinja
The picture says it all i think. Pretty ridiculous, and ridiculous = funny.

Maybe more later.

...after a demon is exorcised i bet the demon feels pretty crappy...

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Anniversary of Nothing

Another rainy day in Missouri. I remain heart broken. Today will be especially hard. I had planned to take Heather out to dinner tonight and have a nice romantic evening. Obviously, that won't be the case.

Thats one of my illustrations. this particular character, of myself, i have been drawing the longest out of all of my others. i like how he has gotten progressingly uglier as time progressed. He is a much simpler design but i believe it was for the better. it's too bad i suck as an illustrator.

Mike Perry. Midwest is Best.
I loves me some typography. His illustrations are awesome too. I am getting the impression that most people have viewed this site well before i have... but i am going to post it anyhow, because i think his stuff is just neato. Besides, i haven't really come across anything else worth posting.

If you enjoy looking at what you can't afford to do to your place (i know i am!), then this is the site to visit. Modern interior design in wealthy homes.

At work, none of MY designs were picked in the line-up. "Too alternitive looking" they say. I'm just sick. Today sucks, as usual. Enjoy the sites, i am going to go sulk over what work i have.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Civil Arguement.

i felt as if i needed deserved an icey spirit lifter after a small feud Green and i had earlier. She brought me some nice baked goods and i ruined it by bringing up how upset i had been the past couple days. Last night i had made it a point to tell Green just how i was feeling because i had hoped it helped. But just as if we were still going out, she came back with something i had said to make her feel bad, and all of a sudden, i lost my own fight. gah. I can't do anything in my favor. So back to cleaning up the place, drinking my "shushy" and trying to see if i can spy the hot chic that lives next across the way. Garth will be here at 6 and we are going to talk over dinner.

also thanks to Kerchner (yeah another Heather, ha) for reading too.

anyone else who reads still let me know so i can thank you too.

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The Battle. The Defeat. The War.

Robot Chicken, the crazy action figure stop motion animation TV show is doing a full 30 minute special on Star Wars. Watch this clip and know why i am excited. SUNDAY played over and over again all night.

Upfront. I am pathetic, and low on confidence, so i come to the online communities for false affection because i can't get it in real life. But no such luck. this devils site, i'm in like with you has taken what i have left of my dignity and ground it into digital dirt. However, i am grateful for the people who actually read this blog. So thank you Jenna and Taylor for the confidence booster.

So, last night i was pretty angry. About the normal stuff, of course. I am almost over it now... ...yeah. But, seriously a ton of sleep should supposedly fix everything. After happy hour last night, i took at 2 hour nap, then woke up and watched "Bourne Supremacy" and a partial amount of "Never Say Never Again" (which is not an official Bond movie despite popular belief), played some Zelda, and watched UFO shows until eventually my eyes gave way and i passed out. This morning i slept until almost noon, totaling about 11 hours of sleep.

My plans for today are pathetic at best. I have to take back some movies to Blockbuster, I will probably rent a game in exchange, then i'll come back here and try and fix up the place. I have now made it my effort to have girls tour my pad that have never been here before. i need to look less like a slob in order them to tour the bedroom as well (if you know what i mean). if all works according to plan, this blog's content could take a turn for the worse... or better depending on how you look at it. Back on track, tonight i have plans loose plans for bowling, and dinner. i don't like how all my plans are loose.

loose plans sink ships...

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Made From Tape

Mark Jenkins.
Heather sent me here. I felt everyone should see. His installations are witty.

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Kelly is my cubical neighbor. Kelly is like an older me. He enjoys anime, punk-rock music, lonely lunches, and hopeless romances. He recently found a girl that he really liked. He also recently lost that girl. I never really talk about the people at work, but this morning i felt compelled because he had mentioned how he had just broke up with his girlfriend... on his birthday. It struck a nerve in me, and i realized i was staring at myself. He is secretly all broken up about it, but he wasn't really letting the world know how much, especially his newly-made-ex-girlfriend. He went out of his way to make he happy and then one day he felt it was over even before it happened. Now we both sit here at work unhappy with our current persona.

Work is empty today. Everyone has something more interesting to do than sit in a sad little cubical and stare blankly at a computer screen. Research. Vacation. Whatever your poison. So, I believe, seperately, we are going to take off early today.

There is something about Postal Service that is very comforting and depressing at the same time. If you are thinking USPS... then you should possibly stop reading my blog.

Trivia night was a lot of fun. I felt good being able to at least assist with crap 90's music trivia. Who knew actually listening to Wheetus, Harvey Danger, and LEN would help. Napster and I were good friends back then. I learned that I didn't know my Care Bears as well as i thought. I also learned that i have other friends out in KC. I hope they feel the same.

Maybe I will post some Illustrations later.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Plastic You - the Stryder

Action Figures. I am sitting here falling asleep, so burnt out from last night, looking at action figures for a card.

A lot happened last night, both on a physical level and an emotional level. I am not going to go into detail because i feel like besides the fact that no one reads this boring blog anyhow, it's not helping that the posts are so long. But last night we (as in Green, Riley, Bob, and Lauren) got free ice cream (custard really), i got to see Riley (whom i miss greatly), and even Riley got a small cone. The conversation made for an interesting night. I road my bike home after 11 last night, which made me tired physically. I got a great amount of exercise yesterday, i walked around all day researching, then went to the gym, and of course the bike ride, but i am really feeling it today. Things are going to change for me really soon. I can feel it. Trivia tonight, with some more work folk.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Snake on a Low Lying Branch.

Bike rides are a good way to think, to clear your mind and put things in front of you. It's where the bike ride takes you that could be dangerous.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Like a Rockstar.

Obviously, it's another pretty slow day at work.

Other then my suprise when i started work, the day has been pretty uneventful. Really the suprise wasn't even that great, but it was a good start to the day. Other than that, there was the meeting today, and the class... in which i missed. Blah. I haven't been doing a whole lot of work today. But, sadly it's more then yesterday.

Between yesterday and today I have discovered the importance of Flickr. I really liked how my blog looked with the "beach market" picture on it. It would be even better if they were my own photography. EH!?
This is what i found today:

I think buying a new computer will solve all of my current problems:
- i'm lonely - World of Warcraft.
- too much music - bigger hard drive.
- not enough videos or pictures - bigger hard drive.
- mark a cartoon? - CS3 and iLife.
- i'm not using the extra room - the computer goes there.
- i'm sick of using a track pad - the computer has a mouse. NEAT!

so i'm buying one. My biggest issue right now is the new Mac OS is coming out in October am i going to wait that long, or are they going to do something for me. Or am i going to buy myself a cheep ass PC. Whoever said you can't buy happiness was poor.
It's only a matter of time now.

tomorrow, i am taking a full day off of work to do research. This time with direction. I will be armed with a camera, my sketchbook, and this list of places I need to hit up:
- multiple Hallmark stores.
- the Oak Park Mall. (Hallmark store)
- Target.
- Walmart.
- CVS.
- Walgreens.
- Best Buy (has nothing to do with cards).
- Barnes and Noble or Borders or both.
- Urban Outfitters.
- Paper Source.
- HyVee
- somewhere to eat.
I've already accepted the fact that i will be spending a lot of money in gas.

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Animated Living.

Enjoy Baby Cakes.
Turner Broadcasting... you own everything good. They make my life decent.

So Sunday, i got a suprise call from my "long lost" friend Michelle. After talking to her for a half hour i realized how much i missed it. Things are going as well as can be expected. I let my imagination take hold all to often sometimes though.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Missouri Knows the Feeling.

A muggy, overcast day in Missouri today. We feel the same.

It's a struggle to find something interesting to do today. It's another slow day here at Hallmark. That means "Research Day"! See at Hallmark there is never a point where you are doing "nothing," if you are doing nothing you are researching." Thus far today I researched Batman, Indiana Jones, and 30 Days of Night got researched. IGN got a big work out today.

If the internet is full of interesting, inspirational things... then where are they all? This is the only thing I could find today that really may help with making greating cards:
Folk Typography.

Hot. Take some time to look over it (if you are into that sorta thing). some of the letter forms are just awesome.

Shiny Binery.

Looks like there is other stuff out there. On the opposite end is this site. Really computer generated imagery. All-in-all, it's beautiful.

Big Love is on tonight. I guess I will be venturing over to Kansas to go watch the season 2 premier. It was kinda Heather and my show so it will be tough. I'm not sure if she will be joining Bob, Lauren, Donte and I, but i know she was invited.

I will be updating later with any luck. If I don't... that means I either became very distracted or never found anything worth while for research..

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Give Up, and Get Over It

When I moved out here I made the decision that I would give up my old life and start a-new. It's pretty easy to start over when you have nothing to remind you of your past. Not only that, when there is nothing terrible to leave behind, no bad memories, you have nothing to forget. A break up is different. The person is always there to remind you, if it's not the person, it's a thing, a place, a time. Next Monday, I would have been with Heather for 6 months. I guess I should be lucky it made it as long as it did. This Monday, will be a week from the time we broke up. I am making up my mind to move on, to get over it. Heather is putting forth good effort into keeping friends. She made me treats, she attempted to hang out, I am just being difficult. I guess in our history, though in a different context, this has happened before. I turned her down when she said she liked me, and i tried to stay friends with her. I can't be selfish here. Through all we had been through, i thought we might be meant for each other. However, i guess it never really was meant to be...

I wish i had something else to talk about. but i don't so deal with it. come back later when i have something less... bitchy

the story goes on.... for now.

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Computers Don't Talk Back

I feel like this is who i talk to when i'm upset now... everyone. this is really the wrong place for it, but i feel at easy just typing out my emotions here. it's probably best i just keep this page "design oriented". Yet, sadly, i think that will be a feet. I'll post later... going to the gym always give me a good hour to sort through problems.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Secrets We Keep to Protect the Ones We Love

One thing that i really love, is hearing about new music. Even if the song is terrible i still love being the first to hear it. A couple of track that i have recently come across that deserve recognition are:
The Noisettes, a band i hadn't heard of until this point, have a song called The Count of Monte Christo. It's a catchy blue-grassy, toe-tapper... but don't take my word for it.
Along the same lines is the new Paul McCartney song, "Dance Tonight". If you get the chance, see the music video featuring Natalie Portman, directed by the same guy who did "eternal sunshine for the spotless mind".
Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Pharrell's combine effort "CRS" single dropped called Us Placers is HOT!
Lastly in music, is the playlist for Heather's Last CD. I'm not even sure why i still gave it to her... i is kinda "lovey" for post-break-up. It's a good mix though, you should check out all the tracks.


Ok, at first i was in a state of shock, and comfort for heather because she was crying. As time went by things changed. It's like going through the steps of losing a loved one or whatever. After Tuesday rolled around it had sorta set in that i wasn't going to go see her that night for TV or movies like we would normally do. I, like an obvious idiot made the attempt to made it easy on Heather and tell her good friends to take good care of her because she was going to need someone to hang out with more then ever. Who knew that less than a week later this would already have back fired in my face and made life even harder. THEN came Wednesday, and Heather and I had briefly spoke through e-mails, one of which concerning the movies we had rented and never watched before the break-up. I made the offering to her to come to my house to watch the movie, as well as bring Heather Garth along (to help keep the get-together less awkward). Garth and i talked that night about the situation. I am not one for confiding my feelings in others, i naively post them online for all to read or i bottle them up. I am just better at typing up my feelings.
... i am so upset i am shaking...
continuing on... when Garth and i talked we made loose plans to do breakfast on Saturday "for sure". You know, to keep us all friends. Obviously, that didn't work. Thursday came, and we watched the movie. The movie, "American Haunting", was not so good, don't rent it. The encounter was awkward. I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact with Heather. I later found out it's because i am slightly bitter about the break up. Heather did however bake me delicious strawberry tarts. Friday was just as bad. Bob and I were going out to lunch when we sawn Erin and Heather eating together. Erin saw me and gave a wave making me feel like if i didn't sit with them then i would be the bad guy. Lunch sucked. Friday night was excellent. Immediately after someone asked me if I would like to go Mini golfing i said yes. It was a blast. I had so much fun. Jaybo, Patti, Merkle, Cecilia, Melissa were the posse. The Heather's could have been part of it but they never showed up at happy hour. I don't think i would have had nearly as much fun if heather was there though. But several times though-out the night i did sit back and think about her. Melissa, the super hot, 32 year old, asian woman, made the night much more bearable. Only to come home to an empty bed. Today, i woke up hoping for that breakfast i was promised and i didn't get a response until after 11. Thats OK because typically we don't go until later anyhow, but Garth wasn't interested in breakfast today. She suggested dinner. Now, i was looking forward to breakfast, but i was satisfied with dinner. No plans were made, just loose ones again, stating the fact that instead of our friendly breakfast we were to have a friendly dinner. Grant it i did miss her call the first time, and then i called her back about 15/20 minutes later, and then she called me back around 5:45 or 6. By this time, according to the following plans she would be pressed for time to go to dinner. Now i would have been upset enough that she couldn't go to dinner, but i found that it was because she was going to a movie with Heather, i was slightly more upset. It must be terrible for Garth to be suck in the middle like this, trying not to choose sides... but maybe unwilling to her, she already has. I don't know why we couldn't all get along. but that wasn't for me to find out. now i sit in my apartment making it look better so maybe i can attract more ladies in because obviously, it's not going to work out for Heather and I.

While at WalMart i was reminded of all the things that used to make Heather and I happy. I was able to think of all the good times, as usual. Heather wasn't able to do that. She made it a point to bring up the big fight we had saturday and sunday night. She was taken down by one weekends time. YET, I put up with 6 months of on-again-off-again sex, friendship, and fighting, for the few good times i can remember from all the things i see everywhere. When you are the dumpee everything is harder apparently, because you had everything to lose. I know Heather is going to find this and freak out. But let her. I don't care anymore. Please come crying to me Heather. You obviously don't need me as a friend as much as you say you do, because you are doing perfectly fine using Garth as my replacement every day. I'm upset, because obviously you needed a friend as much as i did... and now i have no one. thanks a lot.


Nothing works.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007


I just want to say, i picked the worst genre of music to enjoy while going through a tough break up... it's like every song fits perfectly with my situation. I can't concentrate on my work, it's like the iPod is reading my emotions.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sad Pixels Make Up My Being.


SInce Heather broke up with me my life has become strange. It's funny, "when one life ends, another begins" the same can be said for love it seams. I learned today that Garth and her boyfriend Aaron are seriously thinking about marriage. To the point where they are looking at rings. Jealous? A little. But mostly excited for them. I used to lead a life that people could I keep my cell phone close at hand, with the pipe-dream that someone will call, but no one ever does. I force out a large turd for 8 hours a day that vaguely resembles a card, and have to call it solid gold.

Conversely, i have picked up where I left off on my internet presence:
- I gave my Blogger header an overhaul yesterday. The rest still looks like crap, but it's the very small first step in the right direction.
- my MySpace got a makeover the other day. just today MySpace changed a couple things. nothing major from what i can tell though.
- facebook just added causes, gifts, "graffiti" and other things to it's interface.

A new one to the mix is "i'm in like with you.". an online "flirting" site. Here is my page. It has a beautiful interface. Pretty easy to use and an interesting concept. Right now it runs slightly slow but that might be because it is still in it's early versions. I was able to get in on the Beta. If for some reason it tells you, you are unable to join, and you would like to, let me know, i have some invitations they sent me. I guess i am still about a half step above online dating.

the constant competition between these communities is hilarious.

one day i'll be happy. but that day isn't today.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Machines Work on Numbers

The Numbers:

iTunes: 8278 songs

days in Kansas City: 252 days

average cards designed weekly: 1

days with Heather: 168 days
days i regret: 0 days

high intensity work out a week: 5 hours
200 reps on pects x 100 lbs. = 20,000 lbs
200 reps on sides x 110 lbs. = 22,000 lbs
120 reps on bicepts x 135 lbs. = 16,200 lbs
500 reps on abs x 130 lbs. = 65,000 lbs
move weekly: 123,200 lbs.
run weekly: 17+ miles

approx. ounces of water per week: 630 oz.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Falling Like Bricks

So, I missed my opportunity to possibly one of the coolest things to come to Lancaster, Pa by about 10 days. If i would have known about this, i probably would have left as soon as i could. I am missing home pretty bad now. It's tough to not go home to any plans though, i feel like i want to do so much when i get there. But, i think i have reached my breaking point and i would love to just sit around and watch tv with my boys ma boyz. I just don't know when I will go back. *sigh* I just don't want to be in Kansas City right now... Anyhow, I'll link you back to the museum page, but i encourage you to search around the rest of the site.

The lines are blurring between digital and physical.
example 1 This is more Sci-Fi style, but amazingly real.
example 2 This is more ridiculous, but again, real.
i would have embeded the video but i am retarded apperenty.

Take this Photoshop! I don't see it taking off as legitimate competition, but it's much better looking then the stagnent look of the Adobe programs.

love, like, Josh

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