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Monday, July 30, 2007

I Am The Predator, You Are The Prey

It's tragic i know that i haven't posted in a couple days. but it was the weekend... i am about to give you an update now.

So, as life goes, the last couple days (thursday/friday) have been some of the hardest that i have had to deal with. But it was followed up by some great times. I won't go into too much detail, but i had a great time on Saturday. I'm surprised i could talk after all the conversing i did between Friday and Saturday night.

I can't thank everyone enough for putting everything into persective. Bob and Lauren really got it going... So, i can't thank them enough. From there, the weekend was on an uphill slop. Starting out with breakfast on at my favorite place, Succotash, with the awesome Aaron and Garthy on Saturday. The conversation was great. Followed by talking at the pool with Bob and Lauren whilst tanning. Then, singing and screaming on the way to maybe one of the best Wal-Mart trips in a long while. The night ended up with Heather, Bob and Lauren, "not watching" Thumbsucker, because we were too busy talking. Oh, and Papa Johns. Delicious.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Although visually entertaining, I felt this was a big disappointment after watching the The Prisoner of Azkaban. The biggest advantage to this film was dragons. Dragons are always a win for me in a movie. However, it wasn't enough to save it. The movie was about a contest that Harry gets wrapped into unwillingly, but somehow it is sandwiched between a secret plot... and a love story... and all to convenient classes. I felt like the movie was long, and not as well tied together. This movie was darker than even the last, and set up the next movie to be epic.

After this came the "Shark Week '07 Kick-off Party". Everyone brought some sort of "themed" snack. Heather designed the poster and brought "Chum" Punch, Cecilia brought Goldfish crackers, Emily brought Shark Infested Jello, Bob and Lauren Louisiana Yum-yum (with Shark gummies), Jay-bo and Patty, as well as myself brought Rice Crispy Sculptures. Brian hosted, supplied gummies, chips and dip, and took pictures. I will upload some pictures later with his permission. The show was only OK, but the party was freaking amazing.

Land of the Dead - It's been quite some time since I have seen a zombie movie. And really any time without a zombie movie is too long. The basic idea of this movie is; well after zombies first started to walk the Earth, they have started to adapt and even learn. People have sectioned themselves off from the zombies, but they aren't having it. The movie was full of gore, the acting was actually better then most horror movies, and of course it was directed by the man who made zombies what they are today, George A. Romero. The plot was a little sloppy, but thats my only complaint. For fans of the undead only.

Today, I was able to focus. I finished (well, close) the card that has been on my case for 2 weeks now. I goofed off just enough, and and worked more. When i returned home I tonight after Big Love, i got to talk to my ex-girlfriend Sammie. We had a great chat and caught up with each other. She is so easy to talk to. The main topic; growing up. If what she says is true, she is doing really great for herself. I'm proud to be her friend.

Emily sent this to make me happy. fun.

I think that makes up for the two days missing right? gah. you people must hate me.

i can't think of a good song lyric.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

There Are No Bad Friends (They Aren't Friends at All)

I can't express how i feel about all of the concern i got from all of my friends today. I don't want to go into listing names of all the people that were so nice, but i seriously needed to know your support was there. Some people I felt had more compassion than others, but either way, thanks. Even though I still feel like shit, the fact that you came to me to see if i was alright (maybe just not dead), made me feel the exact opposite emotions i felt last night.
This also helped:

This is Pam's baby. Pam was my lead at Crayola. I had no idea she had this adorable little girl. I talked to her and my other lead today through e-mails. I figured maybe i would keep my name fresh in their minds if you know what i mean.

no happy hour today? thats actually probably for the best i guess. i couldn't concentrate at work today... i hope this passes.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Crushing Blow.

I cried tonight. I cried for about a half an hour. I am broken. Who knew it could get any worse? Well, it did. I can't remember the last time i felt so awful. There is quite the story to go with this, but I'm not going to get into it. I called Garthy because i needed to tell someone. Thinking it was going to be a harmless conversation, thats when i broke down. Through tears and blood-shot eyes, i got down on my knees and prayed to God. I asked him to give me strength and to make things better. I felt weak and helpless... and i told Him so. I didn't know what else to do, and even though i felt guilty because i only come to God when i have a problems, i had to. At his point, getting out was the best think i could do. So, I went on a long walk down Westport to Blockbuster, and back. My heart physically hurt (and still does), and so did my head... By the time i had returned; i had spoken to many people, i was sweating, and i felt a little better. I was able to appreciate my situation a little better. I enjoyed the city by night, and actually felt like a resident — even though at the time i really just wanted to be anywhere else but Kansas City. The homeless people who stopped and asked for change reminded me how life could always be worse. After i signed back online, my friend Emily who i haven't spoke to in almost exactly a year IMed me and we proceeded to talk for hours. Was she God answering back? Whatever happened tonight... you'll have to ask me to find out... but i will never forget this time in my life for anything. I have never felt so alone in my life, but thank you to all the friends who are constantly there like Emily, and Garthy tonight. Keep me in you're prayers... i need them now more than ever...

"i dont think you want to hear this, but..."

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Living Life Through Cinema

MOVIE NIGHT! (alone...)
Hard Candy - Ellen Page might be the most spectacular actress of her age. I was floored by her performance. At the time the movie was filmed she was 18, playing a 14 year old. After an internet conversation, this 14 year old "honor student", goes to meet the 30-something, Jeff, in coffee shop. This is definitely a movie that would be much better to watch without knowing the rest of the plot, so I'll stop there. I have to say that based upon the solid story, and talented cast, it is a must rent. For fans of raw thriller/soft-core horror movies, of the indie genre. Besides look how nice that poster is. Award winning i believe.
Beautiful. Truly stunning. Can she be my new girlfriend? She is just so cute.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - This is the third Harry Potter movie, and i guess the third year back at Hogwarts. I'm not even going to bother giving a synopsis because pretty much everyone has either read the book, watched the movie or both. I on the other hand did not know the story at all until today. Without reading the books, i have nothing to compare the movie too, so i thought, as a PG movie, it was excellent. I have to say J.K. Rowling has written some good story lines. I like a story that has no filler. I felt as if everything in the movie had it's place. And there was a beginning, middle and end. Which most sequels are missing now. I hate open ended movies. I NEED CLOSURE. The movie was slightly darker then i remember the other movies, though it's been quiet a while since i saw the movie before this. It was nice to see a deeper look into fantasy. Werewolves, some horse/hawk thing (sorry i have no idea the name), crystal balls, shrunken heads. It was nice. But it's still no Lord of the Rings. =)

... and still, i haven't uploaded the pictures i wanted to. eventually i will get to it.

"Rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony. Get clobbered on by courtesy. In love with love and lousy poetry"

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Less Than a Mile From Where the Earth Opens Up.

Apparently, i should walk more. Well, everyone could use more walking in there daily lives. This site makes it as apparent as possible. Walk Score makes you feel like a lazy bones, and tells you all the locations "within a mile of home," and gives you a rating on your walking convience. As an excuse for myself, look what i am used to being able to drive to at"home". And now... well there is a lot closer. Of course, Most of the stuff that is really close by is pretty sketchy.

I would definately like to post some personal work up... but when i am home i am not motivated. Besides, tonight, i really need to watch movies.

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Fruitless Relationships

Everyday for the past few weeks i have been "reinventing" myself over and over again. Does nothing work? Not so far... i feel like i am starting to make progress now.

Who do I think I am? I'm really not much of anything special. I think about that every day. I am a slightly overweight kid, that works for a 9-5. I'm only an average designer, and i have a blog that makes semi-obvious observations. I really don't have a whole lot of offer the world. I will find my place someday.

I slacked off enough at work today to be able to write a blog post, but i didn't.

Hard Candy. I started it tonight... but got no more than 30 minutes into it before i had to go. I will finish it tomorrow. That, and The third Harry Potter Movie.

I help Aaron officially move into Kansas City today. It will be good having him around. With Aaron doing his darndest to be with his girl, I am little jealous of them. They are just seem so happy together.

I am beat from today. I had plans for this post... but they were thwarted by fatigue. tomorrow maybe.

Someone go to see Tegan and Sara with me. No rush it's not until November.

"yeah, i move pretty baby, where the skies are so blue"

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby, Baby

Looking for a new and inovative way to hurt yourself? Well here it is, the Magic Wheel. You look a little ridiculous riding it as a business man like in the one video I saw (see them on the site). And for $249 it's not going to matter who rides it, everyone will look ridiculous. But none-the-less, it has a sleek look, and if it catches, on people will be taking them into empty pools and on the x-games in the upcoming years. it has the look of "the future". I see It

Sorry thats all you get today. I will have more fun stuff later i hope.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Faith and Understanding.

From the point i got out of bed today, i was already mentally exhausted. I obviously had a tough time last night... I didn't think it would last into the morning but it did. Some things just plague your mind you know?

I haven't been to church in a while but i made Garth a promise that i would give her church a try today. So I did. I have a lot of lament toward the church, so i don't often go. It hadn't been that long since i was to church last, but there was something about going today that made it feel like it was years ago. This was actually a pleasant experience. I can't say that i will be going back every Sunday, but i regained a little "faith" in the church. It was very casual. Sort of a hipster get-together for Christian kids. The worship was like a concert. The sermon was like a conversation. The crowd was pretty diverse age wise i guess, but it was mostly people our age. All in all I had a good time. Maybe I can find a nice Christian chic to make me happy.

On topic with Garth, the group just got a spiritual 1-up with her boyfriend moving to KC on Tuesday. I'm hoping that his might mean more friends. Aaron is a terribly good guy, and I'm psyched to have him out here.

Garth and I had lunch at Chipotle after church, where we briefly talked about that, church, life, my troubles. It was a good time as always.

Full from lunch, i came back and sat around for a little while. I called Lauren and talked to her for a little while. Then later on i talked to Nick. Both were completely opposite kinds of conversation, on the same subject. The one thing they had in common was they both made me feel better, and i really appreciate them.

By the time i was finished with talking to both of them, i was pretty run dry mentally. So, of course, i thought i would punish myself more by going to the gym and getting a physical work out to go with my mental one.

While i was there i put on my new favorite show. Man vs Wild. I swear... Awesome! Bear Grylls is more man than anyone EVER. I can only hope to be half the man he is. Watching his show while working out definitely gives you more gusto to get the job done.
If you are really feeling up to it, search YouTube for the zebra clip. OH yeah. thats the stuff.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur... and now i ended up here blogging...

Night all.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Things Will Never Be The Way We Expect Them

I went to a wedding reception tonight for my friends Beau and Em. They actually looked really great. Em in her dress and Beau in his tux. And for a brief moment, I could see myself in their shoes. Then, i came to a realization; obviously, I'm pretty unbearable, and will never be in their position. The night ended a little earlier than i would have liked, hence the reason I writing this post before even 11 o'clock, half drunk, on a Saturday night. Now that I am home, alone, i am in the final stages of being drunk. The one were you stop having a good time and you start letting your mind think too much. The stage right before bed. I made some disappointing choices on my part tonight. One, was talking to women that are taken... who knows, maybe both of the decisions were that. If you don't know what i mean by that... then too bad.

This is the track listing for Em and Beau:

Everyone else can enjoy the mix if they wish as well.

Maybe i'll sketch in bed until i pass out.

Congrats guys! Girls suck, but i give credit to anyone who can find the right person to get married to.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Page From Your Book

*DISCLAIMER* This image is several weeks old, but i wanted to post some pen sketches of mine. Due to my problems with my laptop, i haven't been able to scan them. I did these about a week after Heather and i broke up. In no way does this reflect my feelings at this moment. I am actually in a pretty content place in my life.

I now have 3 printed cards as far as i know. I got samples in the mail today. I will try and post them up later... They are actually a little embarassing.

Today Cecilia and i officially registered our cards to Mo. Cripes. Scary. It was a long, painstaking process that i am not looking forward to doing again anytime soon.

And then, Heather sent me this. Apperently, there is a fine line between being a geek and being mentially challenged.

"You and I are like when fire and the ocean floor collide."

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Fight Mental Fatigue

- followed a really pretty girl into work today.
- Taurine has known to fight muscle fatigue in lab rats. yum.
- my headphones broke, so now i need new headphones.
- We finally got CS2 at work.
- I like CS2

Thats all.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Love (Fireworks)

RJD2 video in Philly. At least it looks like Philly. This guy is smooth on crutches.

I was having a good talk with my friend Heather Kerchner from home, when we started to talk about college and moving away (she is taking a job in Knoxville). It's funny how life isn't how we expect it to be. Especially when it comes to friends. You spend all your time building relationships, only to move away and have to start over. Almost everyone in college moves away, and it's hard to stay friends with the distance. Our parents say, "take your time growing up and enjoy school while it lasts", but you don't realize it's the truth until it's too late. In contrast, I was talking to my friend Heidi from high school and she was saying how it was great that our reunion really refurbished some of her old friendships. Unfortunately, like I, she is in a different state and has to travel home to see those old friends. I miss my friends from home, and from high school, but i wouldn't trade the new friendships i have made here in Kansas City for anything. And just like college, in time, we will move away.

I don't know what it is with me lately, but i have been putting a lot of thought into this nonsense. I'm sorry i don't have more design stuff to talk about. I look forward to this weekend so maybe i can keep my mind off of it.

I'm pretty excited to go to my friend Em's wedding reception on Saturday evening. Sunday, I promised Heather Garth i would finally go to church with her, and then going to lunch. I'm doing my best to make my life more interesting, and to make the most of my time. I was also invited to a party sunday afternoon, i think i might go to that as well. But that one is up in the air. In between i am going to start designing a website for my sister.

Tomorrow, if i have the time, I hope to upload some stuff. I guess this is where the post ends today.

Love, Josh
"I am the reason you're always complaining. This is my side of the story..."

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Made of Mirrors

Mulheres Barbadas
Spectacular illustrations, free to download and print.

That's all i have to post when it comes to interesting design news. So, yet again, I have come to the dilemma of not having anything more to post about, but i still feel compelled to write something anyhow.

I've been thinking a lot about destiny and fate lately. Does God have a path planned out for me? How do my actions shape me? My mistakes, my triumphs. There is a theory... basically everyone has heard of in some way shape or form; the Butterfly Effect. Most people have heard of it from the movie by the same name, starring the hottie Ashton Kutcher. Of course, many other movies have been based off of the same thing (i.e. It's A Wonderful Life). The basic theory of this is that the tiniest thing plays a part in the over all way things turn out. Such as, a butterflies wings create the slightest breeze from them flapping. With this, and atmospheric changes, could mean the difference between the creation or prevention of a tornado. The slightest changes in a surface could mean a different result each time. A drop of sweat rolling down your brow will make a different route each time because of tiny variation in the skin. Did I lose you yet? In a larger picture, it's called the Chaos Theory. As I see it, it's saying things happened the way they did for a reason. With even the slightest change to your everyday life, this could have a ripple effect changing millions of other things that could happen in your future. I can't say i have had the easiest life, but i certainly haven't had the hardest by any means either. I feel the events leading up to this point in my life have made me the person I am today. My move, my heart breaks, my friends, my job, my family. I feel like some people don't sit back and use what they have learned. But at the same time, there is a balance, where you can't live in the past either. I hope I can live my life to the fullest and get all that I can out of it. You only live once right? But, I am doing my best to just let things pan out like "they were meant to be."

"why can't you treat me the way that you want to be treated"

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"...just include my address next time."

It's apparently part of our job at Hallmark (or at least in Humor), to put in an additional 5 hours of work a week to our 40. I suppose most of that is research. So, in the spirit of that, I have decided to do my blog posts outside of work. At least for this week anyway. I might actually be pretty busy. I have a good amount to do in about 3 weeks.

This laptop is a mess. I really need to get an iMac. Come on Leopard... hurry up and come out!

Get your attention? Look at her. She is so hot, she isn't even playing it right. Moving on, if you have a Wii, you should add me to you're address book. If you don't know how, just ask me. Here's my addy: 8075-4846-3079-3763.

Onto the cool stuff.
Lil' John, you have truly influenced a generation. Crunk was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary among about 100 other words. Ironically, the word can't be defined. This isn't the first, and sure won't be the last. Last year, "bling bling" was added. It's a sign of the times. Sorry Webster, no matter what you add to your "books," most people will still use the internet for FREE instead. The full article here on

A good blog always deserves some recognition. This is another blog where there is a photo for every day of the year. Unlike 356 Portraits, this has only started 44 days ago. Some of them are pretty creative, others are boring. I am curious to see how they turn this 44 into 365.

your shaky voice says it all.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

I Hope Someday You Find Happiness

In my opinion, design news is pretty slow today, and well, this weekend i guess too. Instead, enjoy watching this reporter hurt himself. I personally can not stop watching it.

Lately, i am in a state of transition. I am learning to accept things for the way they are and embrace them. But there are some people and things that make it difficult. Luckily, it's another beautiful day here in Missouri.

This weekend we watched the chilling movie "Candy" starring Heath Ledger. It was a movie based around drug abuse, and it made me feel pretty uncomfortable watching. All-in-all though, it was a pretty good movie. It's a good thing Heather is an indie film junkie or i probably wouldn't have rented it myself.

Sunday, on another beautiful day, i got pretty sunburnt. How come you can never get burnt in a convenient spot? Not that it' s ever convenient, but i felt i could have at least got alittle sun on my stomach and i didn't get anything. All well, next weekend? I also got a new cell. If you are at all interested in it's number, let me know and i will pass it along.

"I'm alone but I'm not lonely, I have kinetic energy."

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Friday, July 13, 2007

When Old is New Again

It's Friday and i'm just about to leave. I feel like i didn't do much today, but both of my cards are almost finished. Of course the art director could have something to say about that.

Nothing interesting to post today. Dinner went well last night. The chili was just ok though. =) Next time it will be better though. I learn from my mistakes. Last night Heather and I watched a movie called Born Rich, about heirs and heiresses (correct thanks to kristen, spell-master) of fortunes — The Trump girl, the Johnson & Johnson kid. It was interesting, but not thrilling.

The only thing i will post is this. Because i have friend at Nike:
Nike Vintage.
These shoes rule.
I'm sure Nick and Lexi have themselves a couple of pairs already. The site's only OK, but they goodies section is a great idea to create buzz.

and... weekend. see ya Monday, unless i get bored or see something thrilling.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nothing Works.

This is just too good to not post.

and you can actually buy it on e-mail. at the time of this post it is at $570 for the "phone", a shirt, and a blender.

that is some blender.

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Ok, a hodge-podge of stuff today:

The WWF (the World Wildlife Foundation, not Wrestling) often seems to come up with ingenius advertising. This one I think is definately along those lines:

As i promised, i am going to post briefly on the movie trailer that is making more waves then half of the summer blockbusters. 1-18-08 (or Cloverfield or The Parasite). Click the link for the trailer page. Notice a lack of title anywhere. The trailer leaves you feeling the same way. What the public does KNOW is the movie is by J.J. Abrams. He is the dude who brought us such masterpieces such as LOST!, Alias, MI:III and the new Star Trek film. Drew Goddard who was worked with Abrams before is writing. The director, Matt Reeves, did... Felicity. OK. It pretty much has to be a "monster movie." The trailer makes that pretty obvious. A website emerged soon after the trailer was premiered with the Transformers movie. It has been updated with pictures that are along the same lines as the trailer. I have to mention the nice action scripting on the site. Also the site, Ethan Haas Was Right, which hasn't been officially linked to the movie but has something to do with a city being destroyed and these futuristic looking puzzles that unlock movies of a man talking about a "resistance." If these are linked in any way i am going to say it is an alien invasion movie. I'm 3 puzzles in. Already people are nerding out and making ridiculous theories without really knowing anything solid. Flipping the pictures on the official site, reading unto the hidden videos on the puzzle site. Speculations that the movie will be film completely on a "handheld", from a first person point-of-view makes sense, based on the fact that this is how the trailer was filmed. Also people are saying it's based on the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu. I think the nerds just get a hard-on over this character. I sorta get a semi. But i'm not going to count on that. Thats all i will post on this for now. All this mystery gives me something to do while Lost is off the air.

I wish this were a joke. Well, it is a joke, it's just not fake. To add insult to injury, thats Jason Lee in the corner as David Seville, and Dave Cross is in it too. If the poster holds true, i hear the movie starts out in Compton with a drive-by shooting, where the Chipmunks are caught up in the crazy world of cocaine and gang wars.

365 Portraits. I know i have posted this already. But added to the list of portraits, is my friend Kristen. And she looks fantastic.

Wii Fitness and wii Balance board it tells you your BMI and changes your Mii to fit the discription. I might just have to get this. The board is pretty like the Wii. See ya gym, video games are taking your spot.

I actually have something to look forward to when i get home today. I have some Vegetarian chili cooking on my new crockpot. I'll let you know how it turns out.

love, Josh

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Teeth Marks.

Lisa Rienermann

This is the hotness. Beautiful idea, and the execution is right on. The "d" and the "k" are my personal favorite. I know this image is alittle small, however you can get a slightly larger version if you head to the link. You can also buy a book if you are really into it. Of course, besides all that, the site in a different language so i can't even begin to understand where they are going with the product.

Brand New. This sort of stuff always interested me. The name is dead on; a site about updated logos. Get it? I LOVE to see a logo get "updated." Some need it, others never did, and their commentary on many of the logos is damn truth. "If it's not broke don't fix it." The trend of gradients, transparencies, lower-case letters and alike escapes me. AT&T is a perfect example of all of these fopa's.
Brand New's latest post is about "Armor All". Ironically, i had just bought some wipes for my car and commented to myself how the logo is different, and i feel much, much better.

I'm in the slow process of rebranding myself. Maybe you will see evidence of that soon.

Also, I have been putting off posting about this project they are calling "1-18-08", aka "Cloverfield" for some time now. With the buzz thats going around right now, you have no doubt already heard about it. But i will get into some great deal later... just not now.

edit: i need to start reading these posts before i publish them. god, i suck.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

The Air Is Thick

Back on Track...
Cedric Delsaux
I suppose he has other stuff in his portfolio, but by far the coolest thing for me was the "Star Wars characters in the real world" series. Once at his site, click on series, and it should be the first photos he has up. Other then his excellent juxtaposition in this set of photos, the color (or maybe lack there of), also makes the images quite good to me. Also i can't tell how much photoshopping was involved here... it seams like many of the characters may have actually been action figures. hm.

HBO Voyeur
This is an interesting concept to cool to pass up. I suppose this is some cleever promotion to a new TV show that HBO will be doing but whatever it is, you can watch the story of 8 different apartments all at once, or individually by story. At some point all the stories cross eachother. There is also 4 more seperate apartments to watch outside of this main building. Also, the music seems to que up and everything. Good work HBO.

This one is for Heather. Even though, secretly, i would probably use it as much or more than her. But when i think of coding or program questions i think of her college (or even a couple of months ago.) Ok, to the point... The Learn List is just a jazzed up version of a "top 10" resources to find help on adobe programs, and web coding. My presonal favorite being the CSS seeing how everything is done in CSS these days, and they hardly touched on it in any classes i took.

Thats it for now. I hope to put up pictures from my trip soon, but they need a conciderable amount of cleaning up first.

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Making Scars

My trip is over. I am "home" safe and sound, well over 2000 miles later. I definitely learned some things while gone. I learned just how far away i am from my hometown, i know that people actually wanted to see me while i was home, and I learned some things about myself.

After the long drive friday, i just went to bed when i got home. Saturday I went on a quick run, talked to my mom about fiances, tried to fix their computer, and made a blog post. It felt like i was al grown up. At 5 I went over to the Walberts, then i picked up where i left off. It was like high school/college. We watched TV, played video games, and ate. It was a good time.

Next day:
Live Free, Die Hard - I saw it. If you didn't at least give it a try, you are a communist. Yeah, i said it. John McClain is the most American man out there. Not seeing this film is just plain unpatriotic. With that said, the movie was just was good as i hoped. The action scenes were a little over the top, but no more so than the previous movies of the trilogy. The story is basically this: A cop stuck in the past, is confronted by a new-aged problem over his head, and the only common language between them is ass-kicking. When an elite group of hackers, led by an ex-government employee, tries to run the world into the ground with computer viruses, John McClain, a rundown NYPD detective has to stop them. He gets wrapped up in this by accident (a little cliche), but it becomes personal. Action-packed from beginning until end, like every movie should be.

Then dinner with my Mom, Stan, my sister Kayla, her boyfriend Justin, Stan's daughter Jill, and her boyfriend Rich. It ended with Stan drunk, me feeling weird about everyone being racist and talking about murders.

Monday, was Pizza Hut Buffet, a little picking up chics*, and bowling. Tuesday, a bike ride, lots of sitting around, blogging, Kyle and I picked up Nick, then Wii with Mark and Erin. Nick stayed at my house the rest of the week. Wednesday, the 4th:

Transformers - Saw this too. Not as good as Die Hard, but this was also amazing. When you bring a childhood classic to life in a way that looks as good as this movie, you have awesomeness. It was a little cheesy at parts, but not enough to ruin the film for me. Really if you don't know what the Transformers are... you must have missed the 80's. But... Sam Witwiki (Shia), a kid who gets his first car ends up to be Bumblebee (my favorite Transformer), a classic Camaro. Sam has the key to the Autobots stopping Megatron and the evil Decepticons from getting "the cube," which is the means to Earths destruction. Megan Fox, who plays Sam's love interest, Mikaela also makes the movie even more entertaining. She is gorgeous! The battles are awesome, the cars are cool, and the girls are hot. A summer must see. I can't even think of anything to complain about at the moment.

We then played horse shoes, drank beer, and played the Transformers video game (lots of that on this trip obviously). Dinner on the Grill, fireworks in the front lawn, and watched Shooter is how the day ended. It was a success i felt. Thursday, I got my oil changed, then we picked up chics* in King of Prussia. My dad and I then went for Chinese and had a good talk. He and I are a lot alike in some ways. I hope i can grow up to be like him, but be able to fix the mistakes he made in his life. Friday, we watched Man vs Wild (Bear Grills is more man than anyone), I wooped up at mini-golf, and watched Smoking Aces. I went to bed at 2 in the morning, only to get up at 7:30 to drive 1080 miles home the next morning.

I brought back a 24 case of Yuengling Light, 4 half gallons of Turkey Hill iced tea, a crock-pot, a bed-frame, an acoustic guitar, the Die Hard Collection (for $9.99!), pictures, and a sunburn on my left arm only.

I feel as if now i am going to live life as if every decision was already made for me. Good or bad. Every event shapes me. I hope this will give me a little more confidence to talk to girls. I'm sure i will elaborate on this later.


*picking up chics is pretty much just going to the mall while nick and kyle poke fun at me for being a wimp.

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i made it home, and in under 16 hours. I may have been going a little faster than the speed limit. I'll talk more about it later, right now i just want to relax.

I want to apologize to everyone who i didn't get to hang out with while i was home. i actually spent a great deal more time with family than i expected. Unfortunately, there was a long list of people to see, and i only touched the edge of that list. So, i'm really sorry. =(

Relax is a very general term. No sooner do i move everything into my apartment from my car, does something go down right outside. i still don't know what happened but the cops were outside after what sounded like arguing, squealing tires and possibly gunshots.

One thing i will post is i am trying to change my outlook on life which will hopefully give me more confidence among other things.

love, Josh

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Free to Fire

There is a lot I missed out on here in Pennsylvania, but the short 8 days i was able to spend here is gone... and i return home (wow, home?) tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hello Stars, It's Been Too Long. (Bonus Post)

Kwik-E-Mart + 7 11= Genius Marketing Tactic. If you didn't catch that. 7-11 has transformed some of their stores into Kwik-E-Mart's from the Simpsons to promote the movie coming out July 27th. Let the movie be as good as this idea.

Tonight, the moon and the stars are just gorgeous. You just can't get the same view of the sky in Kansas City as you can in rural Pennsylvania. I have constructed an acoustic play list on my iTunes (which is surprisingly small to me), in which i feel suits the mood of the night. At 59 degrees, it's really the kind of night you should wrap yourself and another in a warm blanket and behold the glory of the sky. But, because i don't really have anyone to enjoy it with, my night will be spent inside at the computer. Somehow, i am starting to feel content with this. Hardening? Maybe. The fact is, that being home just feels so... normal. It's like when I'm home, Kansas City never happened, and i am right back to where i was last summer before i knew i had the job at Hallmark.

I can't believe Monday is already over.

When i get back to Missouri... i think things are going to be different.

I have just run out of gusto to finish this post, so enjoy the below; the first part of my story. I will post on what i did these last couple days later. i hope everything is great in the KC,Mo especially, but also in the other assorted states of my viewers.

Oh. Thank you for more calls to see if i was alive.

This Ruined Puzzle.

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The Adventure Without You.

5:30, I awoke up to darkness, put on the clothes i set out the night before, and threw the remaining luggage in my car. I filled up my tank for the first time, about $25? (the bank doesn't have record of it yet), and headed to McDonald's for some delicious fast-food breakfast. I drove out toward St Louis through hellish rain that lasted until the point where i reached the city. I stopped just before i got to the city to stretch, get some gas (another $20-25). I saw the Arch... misted by clouds, from a large distance. But I saw it. I sped through Illinois and on to Indiana. Both of which looked just like Missouri; flat, boring, and long. I drove through Indianapolis, where there was some construction going on and i feared for the simplicity of my route. It turned out that i was able to pass right through the problems and head to Ohio with little more then some crowded traffic. I did learn that people in Indianapolis drive like they are all on the speedway. I filled up right before i hit the city, so through Ohio i was hoping to be on the same tank. 25 or so more bucks, but at the cheapest price of $2.74/gallon. In Ohio i hit a snag. There was an accident where I-76 became two lines each direction. That took about 30 minutes to a half hour to clear up. It was long enough for everyone to shut off their engines and step out of their cars to stretch a bit. So, i did the same. I was able to get to West Virginia before i had to fill the tank again. Unfortunately, the gas there was almost $3, and i was getting nervous, so i wasted $10 to make it across the PA border and hope for cheaper gas. Crap. So i got stuck on the road that Cabelas must have been started on because the street and bridge there were named after it. And i thought the mid-west was bad. After in Pa, it started feeling more like home. Other then the hills that continued over from Ohio, Pa also had lots of rocks and farms close the the highway. I was pretty much home. As i got deeper into the state, i made a stop at a Sheetz. MMm... the taste of Pa. 25 more bones in gas, a turkey sub, and some Vault, and i was on the turn pike home. This was hell. Really long, dark, boring, tiring, nerve-racking. Just bad adjectives. But, there were tunnels. I love tunnels. The turn-pike broke 219 miles and $11.75 later. After that, i was only narrow Pa roads, full of tons of bugs, deer and other hazards. But i made it. 10:30 on my watch, 11:30 on the east.

All together, we'll say a little over $100 spent on gas. Much cheaper then a plane. Finishing with 358 songs listened to. i know there was stuff i wanted to say before but i have forgotten by now.

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