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Friday, February 22, 2008

Clovers Pressed in Book Pages

All this week i have been bombarded by speakers in hopes to awe and inspire us. I think they have done a rather good job at it judging by the reaction of myself and others here. Our very own Marita started out the week with her own trend predictions for the year. Tuesday brought Denyse Schmidt, fabric designer and quilt maker (currently). Jane Fulton Suri, the creator of such things as Banks of America's "Keep the Change" Program, and the resurgence of "casual biking (coasting)", among many others. She was my favorite. It felt as if my mind was set free... i haven't really done much of anything with it though. Soon, i'm sure. Issa, I didn't get to see, i heard she was great too... she just seemed like a hippy to me... Today, Chad Pregracke came to our eco-rescue with his stories of cleaning up the Mississippi River. Each presenter has some sort of book based on their works. And each day, we put in our segment of paper with our name on it, hoping to win one of maybe 5 books each day. So, on the last name, of the last day, of trends week, my name was called. Anyone who knows me, knows that i am not a very lucky guy, or at least thats what i believe. I have had to make my own luck all my life. I don't win anything. So you can imagine to what surprise this was. Partial thanks to my friend Tobe for her help. Blah blah blah, i'm rambling... Here's to hope for a good weekend.

"This winter is lasting forever, at least for tonight."

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