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Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh MO! Oh YES!

Frank Chimero; The States. The childish and brilliant idea of putting items in the shape of the 50 states... he is a little short right now though. Check out his other work too if you get a chance. He's from Missouri. ooo...

Polaroid's Last Shot
Articles like this one i am linking you to worry me. As a basic summery, Polaroid feels like they are becoming outdated in the "instant camera" market, so they stopped making them. The company that made instant film a "polaroid", is now moving into the digital age. My how times have changed.

The forcast includes a small chance of more snow and ice today. Yey... but i think we are in the clear now.

Living in constant mess,

Edit: RIP Roy Scheider. (thats the guy from Jaws, if you are lost)

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