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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shades of Gold and Gray

In the past 72 hours i have been on the road at least 24 hours.
The Hale wedding is complete... It was probably one of the most fun wedding to be in, as well as to witness. From the Gospel Choir singing in the bride, to the cake catching at the reception. Or us weirdo Kansas City kids trying to get people on the dance floor by embarrassing ourselves to the iTunes playlist Aaron constructed. Nachos, Wheat, Beautiful Texans, lots of trucks, and sparklers...
Aaron's family was amazing, and their house was a taxidermy wonderland. I forgot my aliments for the weekend and bonded with a ton of nice people... i don't regret the drive at all.
Even love is better in Texas... Congratulations Heather and Aaron Hale. (Insert generic statement about how wonderful you are and how happy i am for you, because i have run out of words to describe.) Hurry back from that honeymoon.

Under the Honeymoon,

PS. Yes, i wore my dunks to the reception... they were a hit.

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