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Monday, April 21, 2008


Quick, before i go to bed. I noticed some major similarities in these 3 designs. I just thought i would share. lets see how long it takes for you to find it! A read Blood-ish look, with a collage of characters. Were they all influenced by the same design? Probably. Does anyone really care? Nope. Designers "borrow", big deal. Meh, i just found it interesting.

Speaking of red check this bad boy out.


ps. Go to their site to hear their new single, "Pork and Beans" off of the "Red Album". It's not quite their old stuff, but they are making a solid effort.

Also, i added a Twitter feed to the side bar there ->. I seem to be able to make quick updates there more than i am able to blog. So, enjoy that for now. And if you don't twitter... you might want to consider trying it.

Red is Dead. Green is keen?... (earth day jokes?)

PS. i love thunder.

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