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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Corrugate Forest.

This past weekend, i was more formally introduced to a pretty amazing couple, Rachel andLeo Kempf. We shared ice cream and stories and really enjoyed my getting to know them. Then, i came to find out, just this morning, that Leo was not only a pretty solid dude, but he was also wildly talented. Un-anxious to brag about his magical vocation on the day we met, I happen to stubble upon it today. Cardboard quote shaped tables? impossibly angled shelves?... oh, he totally does logos and web design too (Images above, be sure to click that link above to see more). my mind was blown. With any luck, i will get to know more about him and talk his ear off about his way cool furniture this weekend on a camping trip. All of this is for not though, because apparently in a short amount of time they will be moving away to Arkansas. Clearly, Kansas City wasn't boring enough for them. But i wish them the best.

Thats my story.

"it's like a book elegantly bound, but, in a language you can't read... just yet."

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