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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Farce and Fallacy

88 Minutes Grant it, it's been a while since i have watched a "mystery/thriller", but i thought it was a good movie. Not a great movie, but an entertaining one. The figuring out the killer wasn't too hard, it was sorta Scooby-Doo; the movie made you suspicious of everyone, but in the end it was predictable. But maybe figuring it out for yourself makes people feel smart, and i think that works. Al Pacino out acted everyone on the cast just by showing up to film. Alicia Witt, a Molly Ringwald look-a-like, had me overlooking her bad acting (apparently) for her obvious cuteness. Leelee Sobieski was terrible. Maybe the most entertaining part of the movie for me was the fact the it was running in "real time". Dr. Gramm (Pacino) has 88 minutes to live, and you are there for each minute of it (give or take a couple minutes difference).

Dan in Real Life This came out on DVD a couple weeks ago, maybe a month now, but i finally picked it up. It was well worth my time. First, the soundtrack to the movie was well thought out but the director and the amazing, Sondre Lerche, and i really appreciate that. Maybe more importantly, it was a relatable comedy that doesn't bore. You emotionally connect with Steve Carrell as life collapses on him. Everytime something works out for him, it gets snatched away. For me it was tough to watch without welling up at times. Steve plays that downtrodden pathetic character all too well, and you can really see sadness in his eyes when he shows it to you. From Michael on the Office, to his upcoming Maxwell Smart. Don't worry though, there is a happy ending. Not so happy you throw up rainbows, but an ending that leaves you fulfilled. Dane Cook also plays a big role in the movie too. Personally, i think he should stick to stand up, but he wasn't too bad. Even with two powerhouse comedians, the comedy was soft and subtle. It was a prefect movie for a rainy Thursday evening.

Prepared to be Surprised,

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At April 22, 2008 4:35 PM , Anonymous Lindsay said...

I agree with you on 2 accounts: "Dan In Real Life" was a keeper and Dane Cook should stick to stand up. This movie brought me to tears which means its done it's job.


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