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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Orange Of City Lights

Pending a format change for my blog, i would like to start posting movie reviews again... but only on Thursday Nights. Luckily i have been swamped with advance screenings lately, and it has made it really easy to have movies to review that aren't even in theaters yet. Let's give it a whirl...

Shine A Light - Some of you might recognize that as the title of a Rolling Stones song. I however did not. Being that my dad was never really into the Rolling Stones, and i wasn't privy to much secular music in my childhood (...early teens), i knew as much as (or maybe less) any other person knew about the Rolling Stones. That is that they have been playing music for almost double the amount of time that i have even been alive, and they have that obnoxious tongue logo that you see everywhere. Almost everyone knows the name's Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (or at least recognize his hair from Johnny Depp thieving it), but hardly know Ron Wood and Charlie Waits. All this aside, i still wanted to see the movie. I saw the trailer and it intrigued me. The idea Martin Scorsese had in mind was a "concert documentary", where he spliced in old interviews of the band into a live recording. I'm going to be honest, i kind of expected more from Scorsese while watching the movie. I feel like anyone could have filmed the same way. One or two scenes were admittedly breathtaking. The Buddy Guy performance stole the show for me. The part i did really like, was the fact that it was a "raw" performance and mistakes where left in. Even Mick dropping the f-bomb a few times for good measure (despite the PG-13 rating). I really felt amerced at one point, and i wanted to be up bobbing my head, stomping and clapping like the people in the audience. Truly an experience you could only have in the IMAX theatre, with amazing surround sound and picture. You could even hear some douche bag in the back screaming out stupid things to Mick. In the end, it was well worth my time, and it would be for you, if you are a fan of concerts in any way. Maybe i'll even buy the "soundtrack".

ouch, that was not short. maybe this one.

The Ruins - When a go to a horror movie now-n-days, i expect certain things; c-list actors, boobs, gore, and a twist. We have all of the above elements here. It was based off of a novel... yes a book! Baffling! This meant the story was actually pretty good, and i suppose for the most part original. The ending however, was cliche — but now they all are. The twist is "the killer", which many of you could already assume what is going on. The gore at points was pretty insane. I suppose mostly because of it's realism. Those who are squeamish, i definitely don't recommend it. All together, it's entertaining.


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