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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ebb and Flow

Ah. So, i'm back after a week away from the computer, and all i did today was veg out. All day I fought a nasty case of jetlag from our red-eye out of Seattle, but the trip was amazing. It was exactly what i needed. After cramming my days full of Illustrator, Photoshop and World of Warcraft for the past few weeks, it was nice to have the closest thing to a computer be my cellphone. Each day was full of genuine exercise, and none of that canned 1 hour at the gym crap. We went hiking, kayaking, on long walks, etc... Of course my body rejected my return to nature and my allergies were trying to kill me, but it was still worth it. Words can't describe the many sites i saw over the past few days, so there are plenty of pictures (of course none of them are from my camera because i forgot it. but trust me, there are plenty). I'll do my best to post them soon. In the mean time, those are a couple i took from my cellphone (i am shocked at the quality)


PS. There is something about Mad Men that is intoxicating.

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