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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still So Infantile

I can't thank everyone enough for being so awesome on my birthday. i wish i had more to say, but i am extremely tired and i will post more "tomorrow".

Oh, officially the word is out now, i am moving to a new team at Hallmark. The hip/cool/trendy design team.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your Smile

muxtape? more like suxtape. ha. it totally refuses to upload my files. which kinda ruins the theme of my post, so i will post about something different, and i'll hold muxtape and other music stuff for another time.

Sketchbooks by these guys:Firmorama. They have other great work so check it out.

Don't tell Locke what he can't do,

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Monday, April 21, 2008


Quick, before i go to bed. I noticed some major similarities in these 3 designs. I just thought i would share. lets see how long it takes for you to find it! A read Blood-ish look, with a collage of characters. Were they all influenced by the same design? Probably. Does anyone really care? Nope. Designers "borrow", big deal. Meh, i just found it interesting.

Speaking of red check this bad boy out.


ps. Go to their site to hear their new single, "Pork and Beans" off of the "Red Album". It's not quite their old stuff, but they are making a solid effort.

Also, i added a Twitter feed to the side bar there ->. I seem to be able to make quick updates there more than i am able to blog. So, enjoy that for now. And if you don't twitter... you might want to consider trying it.

Red is Dead. Green is keen?... (earth day jokes?)

PS. i love thunder.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Farce and Fallacy

88 Minutes Grant it, it's been a while since i have watched a "mystery/thriller", but i thought it was a good movie. Not a great movie, but an entertaining one. The figuring out the killer wasn't too hard, it was sorta Scooby-Doo; the movie made you suspicious of everyone, but in the end it was predictable. But maybe figuring it out for yourself makes people feel smart, and i think that works. Al Pacino out acted everyone on the cast just by showing up to film. Alicia Witt, a Molly Ringwald look-a-like, had me overlooking her bad acting (apparently) for her obvious cuteness. Leelee Sobieski was terrible. Maybe the most entertaining part of the movie for me was the fact the it was running in "real time". Dr. Gramm (Pacino) has 88 minutes to live, and you are there for each minute of it (give or take a couple minutes difference).

Dan in Real Life This came out on DVD a couple weeks ago, maybe a month now, but i finally picked it up. It was well worth my time. First, the soundtrack to the movie was well thought out but the director and the amazing, Sondre Lerche, and i really appreciate that. Maybe more importantly, it was a relatable comedy that doesn't bore. You emotionally connect with Steve Carrell as life collapses on him. Everytime something works out for him, it gets snatched away. For me it was tough to watch without welling up at times. Steve plays that downtrodden pathetic character all too well, and you can really see sadness in his eyes when he shows it to you. From Michael on the Office, to his upcoming Maxwell Smart. Don't worry though, there is a happy ending. Not so happy you throw up rainbows, but an ending that leaves you fulfilled. Dane Cook also plays a big role in the movie too. Personally, i think he should stick to stand up, but he wasn't too bad. Even with two powerhouse comedians, the comedy was soft and subtle. It was a prefect movie for a rainy Thursday evening.

Prepared to be Surprised,

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Connect Like Lightning

Just today, i was talking about trying new things. This is not exactly what i had in mind, but it keeps with the theme. This company has capitalized on taking exotic delicacies from other countries, and mass marketing them (by either turning them into a chocolate covered snack or some form of liquor it seems). Each product comes complete with the spiritual and physical advantage, on beautifully designed, simple packaging. The only downfall, is a barely navigable website. GAH! Thanks Nina for pointing me towards this site. I don't think i would have a problem chowing down a tasty chocolate covered scorpion.

"it made my poop sick"

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Where I Was Back Then.

LA Pop Art.
You can't really appreciate this poster until you enlarge the above image. It's the entire script of Godfather set in only different thicknesses of hand-done type to create a portrait of Marlon Brando. I think i messed my pants when i saw this. They have a bunch of other great prints that you should go check out, but I know one person in particular that will love this particular piece. I can actually afford the poster versions of their work, so i may buy one. But then again, this has giving me a couple good ideas of my own. =)

I hardly post at all anymore let alone write "design" posts. WIth any luck i will get back on the ball with some good research.


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Friday, April 11, 2008


Last night when i returned home from seeing Smart People, i returned to darkness. When the power is out, there is pretty much nothing to do. I used to like to light some candles and just listen to the rain fall, but it wasn't even raining anymore. BALLS! Anyhow, with no computer, or tv, or video games, you would think i would read, or at least sketch by candle light? NOPE! i just went to bed at 10:15... so, so, sad. Here is the review i couldn't do last night...

Smart People Pretty much everyone who knows me, knows i am in love with Ellen Page. So you would think this movie was a shoe in for a good review from me... Well, as always Ellen played the sassy high school girl. This time as a very straight-laced, stuck up, Junior Republican with no friends and an awful fashion sense. What can i say, she plays her roles very well. In this film she looked emaciated though, which made her less attractive looking. But believe it or not, by how this review started, the move wasn't based around just her. When watching the movie you find yourself among a family "run" by a widower, Lawrence Wetherhold (Dennis Quaid) who can't seem to let go of his wife. No one likes him because he is an a-hole, he is writing a book no publisher will take, and he is losing touch with his son. I mean, down right depressing sh*t. When he loses his ability to drive, his mooching adopted brother Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) moves in to help out. The little clone daughter, Vanessa (Page) who sorta plays mother in her mothers absence, is left to uncle Chuck trying to get her to loosen up (maybe becoming TOO loose due to her sheltered life) when her Dad is out trying to date his doctor/former student played by Sarah Jessica Parker. This is around where it fell off for me. Toward the middle the movie felt depressing and awkward (off-color), and i found myself slightly bored. But, in the end, i chalked this up to the realism. The middle was the only rough part for me and i feel like it resolved itself in the end. The movie was extremely well written, and ran smooth. But i guess you should come to expect that from the writer of Sideways (of course i haven't seen it, so i don't know) Church carried the movie for me from start to finish, and though his character was a total shubb, he was the only really likable person. Even though Ellen's cuteness was a close second. Moral of the story; loosen up? it's more fun to be dumb than be smart? Whatever, it was, it wasn't as good as i was expecting... but not a bad movie by any of my standards.


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Away From the Things of Man

There is plenty to blog about (and pictures) when it comes to my long weekend. but because of the late hour, i will update this post tomorrow. stay tuned.

Every so often, i feel we as people have to get away from our lives. At least i know i have to. So, taking a Monday off of work, for a long weekend away getting in touch with nature and ourselves, sounded like the perfect idea. A week in advance I reserved a site at Onodaga Caves Park. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the camp ground closed down a day before we were supposed to go. But Aaron found us The Fingerlicks the Finger Lakes, another campground closer by, in Columbia, Mo.

The nights were pretty cold, but toughing it out, like men, we managed to sleep in a tent for two nights (i, on the ground), wearing only hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans, and warming ourselves by fire. I don't want to say we were the only idiots out in this weather, but it was close at one point. Also, like the burly masculine spectacles we were, we also put off showering until we returned home on Monday. Needless to say our hair was greasy, our clothes were a mess, and our nethers were ripe. (sorry about that) Now i know what it must have been like to be in "Into the Wild". *cough* Doesn't seem too hard. I would like to say we completely roughed it, but being that there was a Bass Pro Shop 5 miles from the site, and a Cracker Barrel only 10 miles away, there wasn't much need...

Leo, Aaron, and I did our best to enjoy everything central Missouri had to offer. The Devil's Icebox, part of Rock Bridge State Park, was by far the coolest part. We spent our nights doing stuff you would only find three "artsy" kids, do while camping, singing around the fire (aka, a personal Aaron Hale concert each night), taking pictures of lights in the dark, and drawing with burnt wood. Dorks.

Over all, the weekend did what i wanted it to accomplish... and i had a great time.


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Orange Of City Lights

Pending a format change for my blog, i would like to start posting movie reviews again... but only on Thursday Nights. Luckily i have been swamped with advance screenings lately, and it has made it really easy to have movies to review that aren't even in theaters yet. Let's give it a whirl...

Shine A Light - Some of you might recognize that as the title of a Rolling Stones song. I however did not. Being that my dad was never really into the Rolling Stones, and i wasn't privy to much secular music in my childhood (...early teens), i knew as much as (or maybe less) any other person knew about the Rolling Stones. That is that they have been playing music for almost double the amount of time that i have even been alive, and they have that obnoxious tongue logo that you see everywhere. Almost everyone knows the name's Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (or at least recognize his hair from Johnny Depp thieving it), but hardly know Ron Wood and Charlie Waits. All this aside, i still wanted to see the movie. I saw the trailer and it intrigued me. The idea Martin Scorsese had in mind was a "concert documentary", where he spliced in old interviews of the band into a live recording. I'm going to be honest, i kind of expected more from Scorsese while watching the movie. I feel like anyone could have filmed the same way. One or two scenes were admittedly breathtaking. The Buddy Guy performance stole the show for me. The part i did really like, was the fact that it was a "raw" performance and mistakes where left in. Even Mick dropping the f-bomb a few times for good measure (despite the PG-13 rating). I really felt amerced at one point, and i wanted to be up bobbing my head, stomping and clapping like the people in the audience. Truly an experience you could only have in the IMAX theatre, with amazing surround sound and picture. You could even hear some douche bag in the back screaming out stupid things to Mick. In the end, it was well worth my time, and it would be for you, if you are a fan of concerts in any way. Maybe i'll even buy the "soundtrack".

ouch, that was not short. maybe this one.

The Ruins - When a go to a horror movie now-n-days, i expect certain things; c-list actors, boobs, gore, and a twist. We have all of the above elements here. It was based off of a novel... yes a book! Baffling! This meant the story was actually pretty good, and i suppose for the most part original. The ending however, was cliche — but now they all are. The twist is "the killer", which many of you could already assume what is going on. The gore at points was pretty insane. I suppose mostly because of it's realism. Those who are squeamish, i definitely don't recommend it. All together, it's entertaining.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Corrugate Forest.

This past weekend, i was more formally introduced to a pretty amazing couple, Rachel andLeo Kempf. We shared ice cream and stories and really enjoyed my getting to know them. Then, i came to find out, just this morning, that Leo was not only a pretty solid dude, but he was also wildly talented. Un-anxious to brag about his magical vocation on the day we met, I happen to stubble upon it today. Cardboard quote shaped tables? impossibly angled shelves?... oh, he totally does logos and web design too (Images above, be sure to click that link above to see more). my mind was blown. With any luck, i will get to know more about him and talk his ear off about his way cool furniture this weekend on a camping trip. All of this is for not though, because apparently in a short amount of time they will be moving away to Arkansas. Clearly, Kansas City wasn't boring enough for them. But i wish them the best.

Thats my story.

"it's like a book elegantly bound, but, in a language you can't read... just yet."

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My sister's 21st birthday today! Happy Birthday Kayla, i love you. May your next year be as good as this last one!

your big brother,

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