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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Happy Monday

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dark Passenger

These videos are amazing; both by Los Campesinos. It started out with me thinking the songs were awesome, then i looked these videos... and i think i am in love. enjoy.

i am going to start making music videos... i've just decided.

darkly dreaming,

PS. Dexter is the best show.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Death and Anarchy

Ghost Town - A plot that was done a million times over, usually doesn't make a for a good movie. The "help an angel get his wings scenario" and "the unlikely man tries to get the out-of-reach woman". This movie is the exception. I think that mostly has to do with Ricky Gervais and Tea Leoni. The movie is downright adorable and laugh out loud funny at parts. But without Gervais, i don't think i would be enjoying it as much. His cold wit and use of what seems like improv, shape his character of a stuck up dentist who dies, and comes back only to see dead people. One of the dead continuously follows him forcing him stalk his now widowed wife and breaking her up from her new love interest. In other words, it would be a great uplifting movie to bring a date to.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Future Events

In music news, or rather, lack there of... MTV is a joke. Recently, MTV announced the are getting rid of TRL. So, unofficially, MTV got rid of the last show that actually put music videos on there network. Nice job. The article says they hope to replace it with the show “FNMTV”, whatever the hell that is. That tool Pete Wentz is hosting. Can you honestly call those people VJ's anymore? MTV is now going to play reality shows (in one form or another) on a constant loop 24-7.

Speaking of Pete Wentz; how did Fall Out Boy become so freaking terrible? Honestly! Have you heard their new single?! Does anyone else hear a weird resemblance to Shania Twain's "I Feel Like a Woman"? Come on that sh*t's embarrassing. The new lyrics are about as creative as a Miley Cyrus album, without a professional writers help. I tried, i really did, but it's over between us FOB. I wouldn't even illegally download your new album, if all the songs are as bad as that single.

Best Buy now owns Napster.

I want my 90's back...

-Old Man Dusel

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Perceived Beauty

I would really like to start doing movie reviews in time for the movie debut... but i feel like i a) don't have the time with all the other stuff i am doing, b) i watched the movie too far in advance and i forget when the movie actually comes out, or c) i am just too damn lazy. Usually, it's C (at least lately).

Here is some "Entertainment Catch-Up":

Burn After Reading - As far Coen Brothers movies go, i have to watch them twice to see if i really like them. I have now scene this movie twice. If you are looking for an uplifting movie. This one isn't going to be for you. Basically, it's a bleak commentary on love, marriage, relationships, and self-image set to an espionage soundtrack. The commercials and trailers make it seem like a laugh out loud comedy, and it is at some points, but for the most part it is a subtle humor. Not as funny as The Big Lebowski, not as dire as No Country for Old Men. And i wouldn't say as good as either as well. But, all in all, i think this is another great movie for the Coens, you just have to know what you are getting into before you go. If nothing else, the poster is a Saul Bass look-a-like and is fantastic.

Babylon AD - Sci-Fi Vin Diesel movie. I really don't need to say more than that. If you happen to like this kind of movie then go see it... Otherwise...

The Rocker - I thought it was funnier the second time around. I still feel it's tuned more toward high school kids. I still think Teddy Geiger is a bad actor, and Rainn Wilson is always good for a laugh, but Jason Sudeikis steals the show.


The Savages - More bleak. It was about a brother and a sister that had an awful relationship with their dad. But when he is stricken with dementia they are forced to put him in a home. The experience eventually makes them better people. The movie made me bummed out, and inevitably solidified my plan for being dead at age 50, so myself and others don't have to go through all of the terrible stuff. Laura Linney is really cute, and the acting all around was great though. Cute poster design... that has nothing to do with the movie.


- Mad Men is pretty awesome.

- i have been listening to the Harry Potter books on tape... and it's messing me up. I love them so much it gives me something more to look forward to during the week (i only listen to them at work). I listen to them so much, that i was to start using the words of the book in ever day speech... but then i would just be crazy... so i won't... for now.

- tell me this poster isn't awesome. (and something you could see in my portfolio.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Are All Soft

Kelly, an art director at Hallmark just passed away. I didn't know her very well, but i didn't need to, to know how good of a person she was. I had been following some of her recent hospital visits, but i had no idea it would have come to this... no one did. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends, family, and team here at Hallmark.

Life is a constant trial. I have been thinking about that a lot lately, but not too much, so not to make my head hurt. I guess it's true of me, when my mind isn't busy with work, i starts to wonder... but i am in a much better place now.

It seems Autumn has come early this year. I like it.


PS. I got the pictures from the Seattle Trip. I will let you know where they end up.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Awake

Wye Oak

Buy Aaron Hale's CD


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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ebb and Flow

Ah. So, i'm back after a week away from the computer, and all i did today was veg out. All day I fought a nasty case of jetlag from our red-eye out of Seattle, but the trip was amazing. It was exactly what i needed. After cramming my days full of Illustrator, Photoshop and World of Warcraft for the past few weeks, it was nice to have the closest thing to a computer be my cellphone. Each day was full of genuine exercise, and none of that canned 1 hour at the gym crap. We went hiking, kayaking, on long walks, etc... Of course my body rejected my return to nature and my allergies were trying to kill me, but it was still worth it. Words can't describe the many sites i saw over the past few days, so there are plenty of pictures (of course none of them are from my camera because i forgot it. but trust me, there are plenty). I'll do my best to post them soon. In the mean time, those are a couple i took from my cellphone (i am shocked at the quality)


PS. There is something about Mad Men that is intoxicating.

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