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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My sister's 21st birthday today! Happy Birthday Kayla, i love you. May your next year be as good as this last one!

your big brother,

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Friday, February 8, 2008


Warning this post could get long.
Many people know my position on politics. If you are not framiliar, that position is that it can divide two people who get along perfectly, but when it comes to a silly thing like picking an elephant or a donkey everyone get crazy. So i seperate myself from it. I have been on the fence on politics ever since i realized i didn't have to follow exactly what my parents believed.
On that note, this year, i have finally registered to vote. Ironically, this year i probably know less about the canidates than i did any other year. SO, very soon i will be putting my nose to the grind stone. but one person i know who will be getting a lot of attention will be Obama. Especially, because whoever he has working for him is totally winning my vote purely based on design... i mean WOW. check this out.

Check it out for yourself

Check out these LOGO changes for the different types of audiences:

That crazy designer did it for all the states too!:

More info and visuals from Speak Up!

One more thing, designers must love him.

The totally unpolitical, Josh

PS i didn't actually post this at 4AM. i changed that. it's a Rives joke... ...nevermind.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Teeth Marks.

Lisa Rienermann

This is the hotness. Beautiful idea, and the execution is right on. The "d" and the "k" are my personal favorite. I know this image is alittle small, however you can get a slightly larger version if you head to the link. You can also buy a book if you are really into it. Of course, besides all that, the site in a different language so i can't even begin to understand where they are going with the product.

Brand New. This sort of stuff always interested me. The name is dead on; a site about updated logos. Get it? I LOVE to see a logo get "updated." Some need it, others never did, and their commentary on many of the logos is damn truth. "If it's not broke don't fix it." The trend of gradients, transparencies, lower-case letters and alike escapes me. AT&T is a perfect example of all of these fopa's.
Brand New's latest post is about "Armor All". Ironically, i had just bought some wipes for my car and commented to myself how the logo is different, and i feel much, much better.

I'm in the slow process of rebranding myself. Maybe you will see evidence of that soon.

Also, I have been putting off posting about this project they are calling "1-18-08", aka "Cloverfield" for some time now. With the buzz thats going around right now, you have no doubt already heard about it. But i will get into some great deal later... just not now.

edit: i need to start reading these posts before i publish them. god, i suck.

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