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Monday, April 21, 2008


Quick, before i go to bed. I noticed some major similarities in these 3 designs. I just thought i would share. lets see how long it takes for you to find it! A read Blood-ish look, with a collage of characters. Were they all influenced by the same design? Probably. Does anyone really care? Nope. Designers "borrow", big deal. Meh, i just found it interesting.

Speaking of red check this bad boy out.


ps. Go to their site to hear their new single, "Pork and Beans" off of the "Red Album". It's not quite their old stuff, but they are making a solid effort.

Also, i added a Twitter feed to the side bar there ->. I seem to be able to make quick updates there more than i am able to blog. So, enjoy that for now. And if you don't twitter... you might want to consider trying it.

Red is Dead. Green is keen?... (earth day jokes?)

PS. i love thunder.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Pantone 7491

Earlier, i had a full post about how things are really stressful right now for me. And well pretty much just down right suck. However, I promised myself i wouldn't post about nonsense like that on this blog anymore (unless i do it creatively. haha.)

Here is a list of some stuff that happened this weekend:
- got rid of a ton of recycling
- got offered a job at a recycling place.
- met Lindsay's boyfriend at his surprise party.
- had an uplifting 2 and a half hour phone conversation
- saw Semi-Pro (it was pretty good).
- went to Palm Sunday service with Aaron's Dad.
- went to the Sweet Tomato.
- went to see Bodies Revealed at Union Station.
- did palates for the first time at 10PM Sunday.
- made custard.
Things that didn't happen?:
- go to the gym
- sulk
- shop at old navy
Lately, i have decided (for myself):
- St. Patrick's day is stupid. it's an excuse, not a holiday.
- you can't tell a person something they are willing to hear.
- i can't fix everything, even though i want to.
- finish "Body for Life"
- the heart is an organ to circulate oxygen throughout the body. it conveys no actual thoughts or emotions.
- people can be real douchebags even when they are not trying

Sorry for no fun stuff today. Maybe when work isn't so crazy it will be easier... but lately i haven't seen anything that is blowing my mind.

Thank you Lindsay for allowing me to come over and do laundry, and in turn, i didn't drink myself into a coma.

Love, Mr. Dusel

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Josh's Tired Heart.

So, my sister, "Kayla Collins", was on Girls Next Door last night. Yes, the show about Playboy models. And a lot of people are asking me about it. First off, wow, a lot of people watch that show, and... well, probably shouldn't be admitting to it. Just because it's based around smokin' chics, doesn't make it OK to watch. She was on the episode testing for the actual Playboy Magazine. Though people make me feel ashamed to be proud of my sister... i am. she is bold and she is doing what she always wanted to do, so more power to her.

Also, on Sunday night, Aaron and Heather had their Wedding Shower. It just re-enforces the fact that the wedding is just around the corner. While we were at Jack Stack celebrating, we (and by, we i mean my friend Laura because she is the only person that could possibly recognize this person), spotted Kate Spade and her husband Andy "Jack" Spade. Judging by this picture... it was absolutely her. Apparently, she is from this area originally, so it only makes sense that when she is home visiting with family that she would go to a generic BBQ restaurant. So other than spotting JoJo Simmons in Times Square, and Ryan Cabrara in King of Prussia, this is probably one of the only celebrity sightings i will ever have. Especially in Kansas City. Although, with my up and coming sister, who knows.

Tonight, Josh's Super Chunk Chili... i have to say it was pretty tasty. i forgot to take some pictures, but you will have to take my word for it.


PS. i'm still without a 360.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Game of World Domination

I'm a huge geek.

"if my mind's the weapon, my heart's the extra clip."

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Made of Mirrors

Mulheres Barbadas
Spectacular illustrations, free to download and print.

That's all i have to post when it comes to interesting design news. So, yet again, I have come to the dilemma of not having anything more to post about, but i still feel compelled to write something anyhow.

I've been thinking a lot about destiny and fate lately. Does God have a path planned out for me? How do my actions shape me? My mistakes, my triumphs. There is a theory... basically everyone has heard of in some way shape or form; the Butterfly Effect. Most people have heard of it from the movie by the same name, starring the hottie Ashton Kutcher. Of course, many other movies have been based off of the same thing (i.e. It's A Wonderful Life). The basic theory of this is that the tiniest thing plays a part in the over all way things turn out. Such as, a butterflies wings create the slightest breeze from them flapping. With this, and atmospheric changes, could mean the difference between the creation or prevention of a tornado. The slightest changes in a surface could mean a different result each time. A drop of sweat rolling down your brow will make a different route each time because of tiny variation in the skin. Did I lose you yet? In a larger picture, it's called the Chaos Theory. As I see it, it's saying things happened the way they did for a reason. With even the slightest change to your everyday life, this could have a ripple effect changing millions of other things that could happen in your future. I can't say i have had the easiest life, but i certainly haven't had the hardest by any means either. I feel the events leading up to this point in my life have made me the person I am today. My move, my heart breaks, my friends, my job, my family. I feel like some people don't sit back and use what they have learned. But at the same time, there is a balance, where you can't live in the past either. I hope I can live my life to the fullest and get all that I can out of it. You only live once right? But, I am doing my best to just let things pan out like "they were meant to be."

"why can't you treat me the way that you want to be treated"

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Sunday, July 8, 2007


i made it home, and in under 16 hours. I may have been going a little faster than the speed limit. I'll talk more about it later, right now i just want to relax.

I want to apologize to everyone who i didn't get to hang out with while i was home. i actually spent a great deal more time with family than i expected. Unfortunately, there was a long list of people to see, and i only touched the edge of that list. So, i'm really sorry. =(

Relax is a very general term. No sooner do i move everything into my apartment from my car, does something go down right outside. i still don't know what happened but the cops were outside after what sounded like arguing, squealing tires and possibly gunshots.

One thing i will post is i am trying to change my outlook on life which will hopefully give me more confidence among other things.

love, Josh

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Adventure Without You.

5:30, I awoke up to darkness, put on the clothes i set out the night before, and threw the remaining luggage in my car. I filled up my tank for the first time, about $25? (the bank doesn't have record of it yet), and headed to McDonald's for some delicious fast-food breakfast. I drove out toward St Louis through hellish rain that lasted until the point where i reached the city. I stopped just before i got to the city to stretch, get some gas (another $20-25). I saw the Arch... misted by clouds, from a large distance. But I saw it. I sped through Illinois and on to Indiana. Both of which looked just like Missouri; flat, boring, and long. I drove through Indianapolis, where there was some construction going on and i feared for the simplicity of my route. It turned out that i was able to pass right through the problems and head to Ohio with little more then some crowded traffic. I did learn that people in Indianapolis drive like they are all on the speedway. I filled up right before i hit the city, so through Ohio i was hoping to be on the same tank. 25 or so more bucks, but at the cheapest price of $2.74/gallon. In Ohio i hit a snag. There was an accident where I-76 became two lines each direction. That took about 30 minutes to a half hour to clear up. It was long enough for everyone to shut off their engines and step out of their cars to stretch a bit. So, i did the same. I was able to get to West Virginia before i had to fill the tank again. Unfortunately, the gas there was almost $3, and i was getting nervous, so i wasted $10 to make it across the PA border and hope for cheaper gas. Crap. So i got stuck on the road that Cabelas must have been started on because the street and bridge there were named after it. And i thought the mid-west was bad. After in Pa, it started feeling more like home. Other then the hills that continued over from Ohio, Pa also had lots of rocks and farms close the the highway. I was pretty much home. As i got deeper into the state, i made a stop at a Sheetz. MMm... the taste of Pa. 25 more bones in gas, a turkey sub, and some Vault, and i was on the turn pike home. This was hell. Really long, dark, boring, tiring, nerve-racking. Just bad adjectives. But, there were tunnels. I love tunnels. The turn-pike broke 219 miles and $11.75 later. After that, i was only narrow Pa roads, full of tons of bugs, deer and other hazards. But i made it. 10:30 on my watch, 11:30 on the east.

All together, we'll say a little over $100 spent on gas. Much cheaper then a plane. Finishing with 358 songs listened to. i know there was stuff i wanted to say before but i have forgotten by now.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tall Can Vacation.

As I promised (maybe i didn't "promise"), just as if i was sitting at work, not doing "work", I am going to post.

The trip was long, obviously, but many good things came from it. I zoned in and out of random thoughts. So much so that i feel like i didn't really accomplish anything on the drive. Well, expect of course, the blatant "getting to Pennsylvania" objective.

Design stuff: i picked up this gem on the trip.
Ace Energy Drink
The link is a MySpace. They don't have a real web page yet, I just links you there. HAha. Wow. I picked it up for it's design. I bet someone had a fun time with this one. Sexy 50's style pin-up girls, a classic logo, and obviously WWII air fighter graphics. As for the product... it tastes like an energy drink; the robust flavor of cough medicine, toilet water, and sour (thats the juice flavoring! YEH!) AKA, very bad. Pumped full of sugar, vitamins and... energy? I really should have got a picture of the nutritional facts for you as well. It's $1.69 and 16 oz. is more than enough.

Today, while enjoying vacation i saw a Cold Stone commercial.
Classic, and beautiful. It makes me want to enjoy their delicious ice cream all the more. I suggest watching the other 2 that link after the video is finished. The little kid one might be the best, but this is the one i saw on TV.

I will more formally summarize the trip when i am able to post pictures... but right now i am having a memory problem on my computer. Stupid songs.

Also, on the PC, my blog is showing up as "centered". Is that what everyone else sees or is it just that shitty PC my parents have.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Snake on a Low Lying Branch.

Bike rides are a good way to think, to clear your mind and put things in front of you. It's where the bike ride takes you that could be dangerous.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Missouri Knows the Feeling.

A muggy, overcast day in Missouri today. We feel the same.

It's a struggle to find something interesting to do today. It's another slow day here at Hallmark. That means "Research Day"! See at Hallmark there is never a point where you are doing "nothing," if you are doing nothing you are researching." Thus far today I researched Batman, Indiana Jones, and 30 Days of Night got researched. IGN got a big work out today.

If the internet is full of interesting, inspirational things... then where are they all? This is the only thing I could find today that really may help with making greating cards:
Folk Typography.

Hot. Take some time to look over it (if you are into that sorta thing). some of the letter forms are just awesome.

Shiny Binery.

Looks like there is other stuff out there. On the opposite end is this site. Really computer generated imagery. All-in-all, it's beautiful.

Big Love is on tonight. I guess I will be venturing over to Kansas to go watch the season 2 premier. It was kinda Heather and my show so it will be tough. I'm not sure if she will be joining Bob, Lauren, Donte and I, but i know she was invited.

I will be updating later with any luck. If I don't... that means I either became very distracted or never found anything worth while for research..

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Machines Work on Numbers

The Numbers:

iTunes: 8278 songs

days in Kansas City: 252 days

average cards designed weekly: 1

days with Heather: 168 days
days i regret: 0 days

high intensity work out a week: 5 hours
200 reps on pects x 100 lbs. = 20,000 lbs
200 reps on sides x 110 lbs. = 22,000 lbs
120 reps on bicepts x 135 lbs. = 16,200 lbs
500 reps on abs x 130 lbs. = 65,000 lbs
move weekly: 123,200 lbs.
run weekly: 17+ miles

approx. ounces of water per week: 630 oz.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Of Epic Propotions

It's raining really hard here in Mo. I mean like REALLY hard.... and me without my ark.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

In Memory of... Part 1.

Today, I realized that Kansas City isn't much of a hot spot for vacations. Of course, I realized this before, but today the roads were empty, there were no evening plans made, and many of my friends have gone home. I don't really know where everyone goes. Certainly not the beach. Maybe thats why there is no one on the roads, because to go anywhere worth while for Memorial Day you have to fly.

The airport was no busier then normal today. I was there this morning at 6 to start Heather and Riley home. It was a pretty normal trip. Quiet. Typical conversation. McDonald's food. I miss them, but they are probably having a lot better time in Pa.

Someone new moved in today. a college aged girl if i had to guess. I hope she is better then the other neighbors, some of these people are just plan annoying. I also noticed the new neighbor in the dumpster out back, in the form of an enormous raccoon. I will get him on film soon.

I dropped 300 bones on stuff tonight. I got what i needed in groceries for the next couple weeks. But the exciting items include; the Zelda Wii game, and Medal of Honor for the Wii, and the Used CD. The best part involves a short story:
As I was leaving Best Buy i was checking over my receipt because i felt i was getting shorted on my savings when it came to my coupons. Once I analyzed the items, and debated returning to the customer service counter to get more money off, I realized that i had walked out with a $25 Afro Samurai DVD. So needless to say i didn't re-enter the store, and i went on my marry way.

I am trying to think of ways to keep me busy today.

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