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Friday, September 7, 2007

Eating Poison Apples

Oh, Steve Jobs. You sure do love your money. Yesterday Two Days ago (because i haven't had the time to finish this post), at noon central time, Mr. Jobs, met to discuss some new stuff from Apple. It was very recently that he just done the same thing for the new iMac, the new OS, and again for the iPhone. I feel like he is up on stage sporting jeans and a black half-turtle neck every month with something announcing the update from iTunes 7.3 to 7.4... I have unfortunately bit into a sour Apple lately. The thing is, this keynote was to "talk about music". All Apple music products have been updated in some form. The Shuffles; a new colors, and the Nano ("the iPod Stubby"); a screen size upgade to a 2" (it sounds like i don't like it, but it's nice).

Here are the big changes; the original iPod, now called the iPod Classic, is now made Full Metal Alchemist, and the models were bumped up. The old 30 gig is is now the new 80 gig, thinner and the cheaper at $249. The new 80 gig is 160 GIG!, the more bulky and expencive at $349. Both sport a great looking new interface, which i assume won't be available to the suckers who already own one. BUT, if you don't have an iPod to listen to music or play movies, you are in luck! The brand-spankin'-new, iPod Touch, is basically the iPhone without having the nasty inconvience of recieving calls. Right down to the fact that it doesn't have any more than 16 gig on it's $399 high end version (there is the useless 8 gig was well). To make "the Touch" even more useless, Apple lowered the price of it's iPhone to $299. Unless this is some crazy marketing scheme to get people to by more iPhones, i don't see anyone buying the new Touch. If you are one of those people, you will have to explain to me your logic, i feel as if i am missing something.
Another new addition is the Wi-Fi iTunes, and Starbucks playlists. Now you can go into coffeeshops, ESPECIALLY Starbucks to download your favorite tunes to your pocket, and then later back to your computer. Or if you are like me, and the majority of the coffee shop goers, you probably just have a laptop, that you bring everywhere anyway, you can use. Nice try though, you used to be cool!


PS. Apple still cool.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby, Baby

Looking for a new and inovative way to hurt yourself? Well here it is, the Magic Wheel. You look a little ridiculous riding it as a business man like in the one video I saw (see them on the site). And for $249 it's not going to matter who rides it, everyone will look ridiculous. But none-the-less, it has a sleek look, and if it catches, on people will be taking them into empty pools and on the x-games in the upcoming years. it has the look of "the future". I see It

Sorry thats all you get today. I will have more fun stuff later i hope.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

I Hope Someday You Find Happiness

In my opinion, design news is pretty slow today, and well, this weekend i guess too. Instead, enjoy watching this reporter hurt himself. I personally can not stop watching it.

Lately, i am in a state of transition. I am learning to accept things for the way they are and embrace them. But there are some people and things that make it difficult. Luckily, it's another beautiful day here in Missouri.

This weekend we watched the chilling movie "Candy" starring Heath Ledger. It was a movie based around drug abuse, and it made me feel pretty uncomfortable watching. All-in-all though, it was a pretty good movie. It's a good thing Heather is an indie film junkie or i probably wouldn't have rented it myself.

Sunday, on another beautiful day, i got pretty sunburnt. How come you can never get burnt in a convenient spot? Not that it' s ever convenient, but i felt i could have at least got alittle sun on my stomach and i didn't get anything. All well, next weekend? I also got a new cell. If you are at all interested in it's number, let me know and i will pass it along.

"I'm alone but I'm not lonely, I have kinetic energy."

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nothing Works.

This is just too good to not post.

and you can actually buy it on e-mail. at the time of this post it is at $570 for the "phone", a shirt, and a blender.

that is some blender.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

The Air Is Thick

Back on Track...
Cedric Delsaux
I suppose he has other stuff in his portfolio, but by far the coolest thing for me was the "Star Wars characters in the real world" series. Once at his site, click on series, and it should be the first photos he has up. Other then his excellent juxtaposition in this set of photos, the color (or maybe lack there of), also makes the images quite good to me. Also i can't tell how much photoshopping was involved here... it seams like many of the characters may have actually been action figures. hm.

HBO Voyeur
This is an interesting concept to cool to pass up. I suppose this is some cleever promotion to a new TV show that HBO will be doing but whatever it is, you can watch the story of 8 different apartments all at once, or individually by story. At some point all the stories cross eachother. There is also 4 more seperate apartments to watch outside of this main building. Also, the music seems to que up and everything. Good work HBO.

This one is for Heather. Even though, secretly, i would probably use it as much or more than her. But when i think of coding or program questions i think of her college (or even a couple of months ago.) Ok, to the point... The Learn List is just a jazzed up version of a "top 10" resources to find help on adobe programs, and web coding. My presonal favorite being the CSS seeing how everything is done in CSS these days, and they hardly touched on it in any classes i took.

Thats it for now. I hope to put up pictures from my trip soon, but they need a conciderable amount of cleaning up first.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Journey-man, The Chariot, and The Supplies

My route. 17 hours, 5 minutes. I am going to do my best to make a a couple pit stop as i go through the major cities such as Indianapolis, and Columbus.

Gas Buddy. This little piece of technology is how i am going to keep track of my gas.

about 30 miles to the gallon, and a 12 gallon tank, that means i will make it 360 miles before i have to fill up again after Kansas City. Which means i should get to stop in St Louis quick too.

Things i need to bring with: camera, iPod, Wii and games, clothes, laptop, food for the trip (beef jerky), cash for tolls, nalgene.
Things to bring back: crock-pot, case of yuengling, turkey hill iced tea, transformers toys, ladies numbers.
Things to do in Pa: Watch the Transformers Movie, Watch Die Hard, play lots of video games, eat Dominos, Mini Golf, pick up chics, Shady Maple, run.

The lists will grow. please comment me on any suggestions. other then "you're crazy for driving" because i have heard that one already.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bleed the Orphan.

I got a free poster here. All you have to do is find 25 hidden design terms based on the pictures representing them. You have 100 seconds. If you win you have to pay 3.50 or something for shipping, but as long as it's not a hoax, i think it's worth it. I don't know how long supplies last, but it's a fun thing to do durring work. If you work at a design firm of sorts that is.

More Apple then you wanted to know. Sorta interesting though.

I woke up late this morning. I have class at 9:30 have to leave early to take my car for it's inspection at 11. Dinner at Lulu's tonight after the gym. In between all that, work. Short and to the point. Have a good one, maybe i'll post later.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Like a Rockstar.

Obviously, it's another pretty slow day at work.

Other then my suprise when i started work, the day has been pretty uneventful. Really the suprise wasn't even that great, but it was a good start to the day. Other than that, there was the meeting today, and the class... in which i missed. Blah. I haven't been doing a whole lot of work today. But, sadly it's more then yesterday.

Between yesterday and today I have discovered the importance of Flickr. I really liked how my blog looked with the "beach market" picture on it. It would be even better if they were my own photography. EH!?
This is what i found today:

I think buying a new computer will solve all of my current problems:
- i'm lonely - World of Warcraft.
- too much music - bigger hard drive.
- not enough videos or pictures - bigger hard drive.
- mark a cartoon? - CS3 and iLife.
- i'm not using the extra room - the computer goes there.
- i'm sick of using a track pad - the computer has a mouse. NEAT!

so i'm buying one. My biggest issue right now is the new Mac OS is coming out in October am i going to wait that long, or are they going to do something for me. Or am i going to buy myself a cheep ass PC. Whoever said you can't buy happiness was poor.
It's only a matter of time now.

tomorrow, i am taking a full day off of work to do research. This time with direction. I will be armed with a camera, my sketchbook, and this list of places I need to hit up:
- multiple Hallmark stores.
- the Oak Park Mall. (Hallmark store)
- Target.
- Walmart.
- CVS.
- Walgreens.
- Best Buy (has nothing to do with cards).
- Barnes and Noble or Borders or both.
- Urban Outfitters.
- Paper Source.
- HyVee
- somewhere to eat.
I've already accepted the fact that i will be spending a lot of money in gas.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sad Pixels Make Up My Being.


SInce Heather broke up with me my life has become strange. It's funny, "when one life ends, another begins" the same can be said for love it seams. I learned today that Garth and her boyfriend Aaron are seriously thinking about marriage. To the point where they are looking at rings. Jealous? A little. But mostly excited for them. I used to lead a life that people could I keep my cell phone close at hand, with the pipe-dream that someone will call, but no one ever does. I force out a large turd for 8 hours a day that vaguely resembles a card, and have to call it solid gold.

Conversely, i have picked up where I left off on my internet presence:
- I gave my Blogger header an overhaul yesterday. The rest still looks like crap, but it's the very small first step in the right direction.
- my MySpace got a makeover the other day. just today MySpace changed a couple things. nothing major from what i can tell though.
- facebook just added causes, gifts, "graffiti" and other things to it's interface.

A new one to the mix is "i'm in like with you.". an online "flirting" site. Here is my page. It has a beautiful interface. Pretty easy to use and an interesting concept. Right now it runs slightly slow but that might be because it is still in it's early versions. I was able to get in on the Beta. If for some reason it tells you, you are unable to join, and you would like to, let me know, i have some invitations they sent me. I guess i am still about a half step above online dating.

the constant competition between these communities is hilarious.

one day i'll be happy. but that day isn't today.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Falling Like Bricks

So, I missed my opportunity to possibly one of the coolest things to come to Lancaster, Pa by about 10 days. If i would have known about this, i probably would have left as soon as i could. I am missing home pretty bad now. It's tough to not go home to any plans though, i feel like i want to do so much when i get there. But, i think i have reached my breaking point and i would love to just sit around and watch tv with my boys ma boyz. I just don't know when I will go back. *sigh* I just don't want to be in Kansas City right now... Anyhow, I'll link you back to the museum page, but i encourage you to search around the rest of the site.

The lines are blurring between digital and physical.
example 1 This is more Sci-Fi style, but amazingly real.
example 2 This is more ridiculous, but again, real.
i would have embeded the video but i am retarded apperenty.

Take this Photoshop! I don't see it taking off as legitimate competition, but it's much better looking then the stagnent look of the Adobe programs.

love, like, Josh

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eyes to the World.

Luckily, Google has been able to yet again take the next step into beating out the competion in the online map industry (no matter how small it actually is), with the "Street View" feature. Clearly, the satalite feature was not getting close enough to the "action" and you weren't able to stalk sufficiently. I'm sure within the year, all the major cities will be posted and we will be able to dive deep into the lives of most inner-city living. After that? Well, lets hope Google reps will be knocking on our doors to come in and take pictures. Or maybe a follow feature, where it allows you to find a person, trace their everyday path, and then follow them around. Thanks internet for making stalking so much easier and more interesting.

i was able to make the walk from the subway stop, the A train on 145th, to Nick's old apartment on Bradhurst. It's farther than i thought. Also a little scary that i was able to find it that easily. I wonder if he was still liviing there when the pictures were taken.

Maybe I'll look up Donna's apt later. =D This is fun.


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