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Sunday, March 23, 2008


happy easter... more later. i'm up in 6 hours for church.

PS. life is confusing but you learn to live with it.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas Mix

Enjoy some of [adult swim]'s Holiday cards.

After Christmas i will be posting my top 5 games, movies, and albums of 2007, just before the new year.

Here's a quick update:
I drove home again for Christmas, and about 19 hours later I made it there. Last time i made this trip i was still awake enough to get on here and blog before i went to bed. This time i passed straight out. Besides the cost of gas being slightly more money this time, i also managed to pull in a $150 speeding ticket from the state of Indiana. Thanks Indiana.
It doesn't take me long to fall into routine, so by morning, my friends where already calling to see if i could hang out. What a good feeling, definitely a feeling of want and importance. After catching up my mom and Stan (my stepdad) over breakfast/lunch, i took a trip to the "Beer Mart" with a couple of friends. Then, back to the video games i felt i left in Pennsylvania. It kinda sucks because i was backed into a spot wear i had to choose who i wanted to hang out with. The group i ended up with was a group of friends that hadn't been together since preschool. Separately, we have seen each other for a couple of years after that. But even so, it was a jaw dropping event. Jed, who is still in medical school at Jefferson in Philly, has probably led the most interesting life of us 4 in only 23 years. He has been to missions in Rwanda, and running with the bulls in Spain, and helped rebuild New Orleans just to mention a few. Jen and Jon were the other two, which i have actually seen fairly recently. The J Crew. To sum things up here, it was a great time catching up, there were endless things to talk about, never a dull moment for any of us i don't think. Things like this really remind you of what this season is really all about; Kindred-ship, either family or friends.
Today; football, more friends, and good east coast pizza and wings. i think i weigh 10 pounds more.
Tomorrow it looks as if i will be going up to my uncles house with my dad and sister... which i haven't done in years. I hope it works out.

"ho ho hopefully this holiday will make us believe that, were exactly where were supposed to be."

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Brothers of Sin.

I've been here at Hallmark a year... somehow knowing I've been here that long has actually made life harder. my additude was poor today because of the weather too.
In honor of being so far from home i thought i would post this:
North Bowl in Philly.

Bringing class back to bowling. These lanes are absolutely stunning, styled to the golden age of bowling. I wish i could go in person, but for now all i have is the site.

Speaking of Philadelphia. Go Phillies!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nihilist Movement

Heather got a brand-new 32' Philips TV (which is really sexy), so we watched:
Blades of Glory - The Will Ferrell movies have been going down hill since he peaked with "Elf" and "Anchorman." When Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite, err... Jon Heder, team up to take on the most stereotypically gay sport out there, male couples ice skating, you think it would be an uproarious laugh-fest. But you were mistaken. It had it's moments and as a whole it was pretty good, and still funny. However, Will Ferrell once again recycled his Robert Goulet impression for another character, and no matter how much you try it's hard to picture Jon Heder as anything but Napoleon. A step down from Taladaga Nights was Anchorman, and Blades of Glory was a step down from Taladaga... something has to change here. However, Pam from the Office is still in and movie, and is smokin'.

Tonight, alone, i watched:
Bridge to Terabithia - Movies made from books typically end up pretty far off from it's original words. I had hoped this movie would break the mold, unfortunately it didn't. Understandably so, the movie was updated to modern times to appeal to the children's audience. Many things were, added and taken away from the original text, but the story stayed basically the same. Things were mostly added, such as the elaborate fantasy scenes that were clearly added to compete in todays market of fantasy tales, such as Chronicles of Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings. Looking at it now, I feel like the action scenes were necessary because no one goes to see a blockbuster of a heartwarming kids story that would typically find as a Hallmark movie or in the Dollar bin at your local Christian Bookstore. The main character Jesse Aarons was played by Josh Hutcherson (of Zathura), who was slightly colder than i pictured the Jess from the Book. Leslie Burke was played by AnnaSophia Robb (the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), who is just so adorable, and really makes you love her character. Zooey Deschanel (from Elf) played Ms. Edmonds, Jesse's teacher crush, and a wonderful singer, which probably landed her this role. In the book she is hippie, but honestly, it was really hard to criticizes the characters by there looks, because the book was originally set about 30 years ago.

if i get the time, maybe i will blog about personal stuff later, as for now. i will spare you.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This shits tight. From Buddha Apparel; Soundwave, Optius Prime and Megaton T-shirts. They actually have a decent amount of nice shirts, and a stylish looking catalog to view them in. You can also view Optius and Megatron searching through. Because the resolution sucks on that website. I included the images of them too.

I'm off to learn CS3. EEEEeeeee....! Thats me squealing in a fit of joy. I'm excited. It's about time we got that here.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Fall Guy

Officially, i am house and dog sitting now. So far, so good.

Things I've learned about having a dog (Part one):
- constant love.
- can't eat without them wanting some too.
- it takes twice as long to finish something.
- you have to think about what kind of trouble they can get into before they get into it.

I'm watching Hackers, which was made in 1995. It depicts a grossly inaccurate world of hacking... probably because it was made in 1995. In contrast, hacking should be relatively non-visual, where as these kind of movies show animated mainframes and bullshit computer jargon that just sounds cool. LOL pretty much everything dealing with technology is over-the-top sci-fi craziness. Cheesy as hell. The movie is full of product placement of Quicksilver, Suzuki, and Nokia. The movie is basically a bunch of sub-par actors running rollerblading around to techno and other bad 90's tunes music looking like an corporate vision of ravers and goth kids. However, it is probably one of the best movies of the 90's (when i first saw it) and somehow even today. Visually beautiful, and fun to watch. Also, it features a smokin Angelina Jolie.

Ouch, Linkin Park. Apparently, people where right when they said all the songs sound the same.

"Cause falling is worse than hitting the ground"

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