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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughts in a Thoughtless Mind

Chip Kidd was back in KC for the night promoting his new book Bat-Manga. The book is amazing. It's full of Japanese Batman from 1966/67 whether it was toys or comics. Chip and I even talked a little about Gotham Knight for a bit. He is really cool.


PS. i spend all night trying to redesign my blog, and it just ended up as mush... i need to put a little time in when i can.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Never Dark

Iron Man All of a sudden the hype for Iron Man went supernova, and that's the only movie you hear about now. Well, the movie lives up the the hype in my eyes. "Elf" Director, Jon Favreau, did a superb job of retelling a story that originates as a comic from the Vietnam War era. Where the Spider-man movies went for a very comic-booky feel of movie making, i felt Iron Man was just a "movie version" of the story. Other than an action movie, the humor was sharp as a tack, and as corny and as snarky as it needed to be. This, and the fact that Robert Downey Jr. could pulled every line off believably. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play the role of Tony Stark (Iron Mans alter ego); a witty, alcoholic, billionaire playboy that finds himself at the top of his weapons-peddling-game before he has a life threatening change of heart. This movie has everything. Take a super hero that relies on gadgets/technology to help him out, pepper in some war movie action scenes and big one-on-one fight in the end, some big laughs and you have yourself a winning formula. Even Gwyneth Paltrow, as “Pepper” Potts, plays into a teasing kind of love story (but just enough to keep it interesting, not enough to make you sick (which is good because it wouldn't fit for Stark)). The CGI, which most people worry about. Totally killer, and very convincing. Shaky camera action helps in places where you want to thing the action is fake. I'm stoked for the sequel, which has already been green lit. In short, i think MOST people will really love this movie, just as most critics already have. If you go, be sure to stay until the end of the credits for a cameo appearance, a hit at another movie project, and more comic book nerdiness. (sorry of the late review)

Speed Racer I feel as if i might need to see it again because i am getting some conflicting ideas in my head. For those who are unfamiliar to the original Speed Racer Japanese animation cartoon, the story goes like this: Speed Racer (yes, thats his first and last name, obviously named with one thing in mind), is the professional driver of the "Mach 5". And each week he always seems to get into some sort of trouble from driving hitmen or treacherous courses. But with the help of Mom and Pops Racer, his younger brother Spritle, their monkey Chim-Chim, his girlfriend Trixie, the shop hand/bestfriend Sparky, and the mysterious Racer X, he is able to survive (for crazy amounts of info, go here). The movie keeps right to this story right down to what the buttons on the wheel do. And if anyone can bring an anime to life, it's DEFINITELY the Wachowski Brothers. But the problem was, the beginning was gimmicky and boring. The Wachowski's new trick was to use unique swipes (scene transfers), and they used it over and over until i was sick of it. Had it been later in the day, i might have enjoyed the exposition, but at that point it was drivel, and probably hard to follow for the kids (PG rating). The swipes did give a manga feel, and so did the vibrant super saturated colors. The explosions were all pretty cartoony, and the action/driving scenes included "motion lines" in way or another. The costuming and set design was so good it should be nominated for an Oscar. All of which showed the true dedication to the genre that the Brothers have. There is about 30 minutes of the movie where Speed wore a suit that looked just like the cartoons, there was an awesome fight scene, and it was the longest continuous race of the movie. That scene could have been the whole movie for me. It was SO good. I would have to say, i feel like i would have enjoyed this movie more if i was on drugs, but because i'm not, it was good... it didn't blow me away, but it was still good.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Game of World Domination

I'm a huge geek.

"if my mind's the weapon, my heart's the extra clip."

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Longing For the Coast Line

Lately, myself and others have been noticing i have been running myself ragged. I have a lot on my mind, but what else is new right? Other than the constant troubles of being single and alike, I have made my life even more difficult by looking for a new place to live.

I just recently renewed my rent on my current apartment for a 6 month term. Now, i am in contact with rental agencies, realtors, credit unions, friends, family... everyone, so that in six months i don't have to be in this apartment. I even updated my resume on just in case. ;)

Other than "moving", some things in my life are getting me a little livid. Things that really shouldn't. I am just as guilty of letting online communities control my life as anyone else, but I hate when people act like doesn't mean a big deal but it does. Besides all this, i feel like I have finally found some things to take my mind off my heartbreak. I feel like i just can't be "stress free", so something new to be stressed about helps. It's nice. I am going to censer myself from further information, but i think i am feeling better?

My friend Julie contacted me tonight to do a little bragging. Haha. Today she started her job at Marvel in New York. Yeah, the comic book (movie, multimedia, etc.) company. She knew that if anyone appreciate it I would. I feel as if she had every right to brag. The job sounds stupendous and she has the resume/portfolio to land it now. Lots of congratulations go to her. Even though i am extremely jealous.

I sorta wish i was home right now... i feel like i wouldn't have to worry about any of this. I know i shouldn't live in the past, but i can't help but wonder how different my life would be if Hallmark and I would have never worked out. So much would be different, but would it be better? I like to hope not.

Speaking of home, I am picking up Heather from the airport tomorrow. I look forward to her stories.

Tonight, i took a break from all this and played some Tiger Woods Golf and Zelda. It has actually been quiet a while since i have just sat down and played the Wii. Zelda is a long, in-depth game, that keeps my mind focused on puzzles and mind games. On the other hand Tiger Woods was getting me a little frustrated. EIther way, both of them gave me a good break tonight.

It was definately a good thing that i hadn't bought my iMac yet, for a bunch of reasons. One, is the new iMac. Man, it is sexy as hell. Unfortunately, it still hasn't done anything with the premiere of the new OSX. It's still coming out on an unmarked date in October. iLife '08 on the other hand comes with the the new computers. One thing i think is neat about Apple is all of their "copy" on their website, etc. is very personable and conversational when they are explaining their computers.

I thought this was funny. As you may well know, i am a big fan of anime. But i don't think i could ever be this big a fan.... or could i?

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