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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Future Events

In music news, or rather, lack there of... MTV is a joke. Recently, MTV announced the are getting rid of TRL. So, unofficially, MTV got rid of the last show that actually put music videos on there network. Nice job. The article says they hope to replace it with the show “FNMTV”, whatever the hell that is. That tool Pete Wentz is hosting. Can you honestly call those people VJ's anymore? MTV is now going to play reality shows (in one form or another) on a constant loop 24-7.

Speaking of Pete Wentz; how did Fall Out Boy become so freaking terrible? Honestly! Have you heard their new single?! Does anyone else hear a weird resemblance to Shania Twain's "I Feel Like a Woman"? Come on that sh*t's embarrassing. The new lyrics are about as creative as a Miley Cyrus album, without a professional writers help. I tried, i really did, but it's over between us FOB. I wouldn't even illegally download your new album, if all the songs are as bad as that single.

Best Buy now owns Napster.

I want my 90's back...

-Old Man Dusel

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

[Bad] Luck Has Everything To Do With It.

Other than waking up late today, NOW a "suspicious package" his keeping me from my car inspection... just in time too. So i reschedualled for tomorrow.
In all honesty, what idiot would want to blow up Hallmark? Are they trying to take down America's moral starting withe the smallest piece? This way no sympathy cards can be sent out?


It's coming down to the line on how long i have to get this inspection and registration. And this isn't helping. Hopefully, on the upside, i still have this Paris Hilton thing to go to instead. If dinner gets ruined tonight because of my "Bad luck day", I may as well just give up.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Give Up, and Get Over It

When I moved out here I made the decision that I would give up my old life and start a-new. It's pretty easy to start over when you have nothing to remind you of your past. Not only that, when there is nothing terrible to leave behind, no bad memories, you have nothing to forget. A break up is different. The person is always there to remind you, if it's not the person, it's a thing, a place, a time. Next Monday, I would have been with Heather for 6 months. I guess I should be lucky it made it as long as it did. This Monday, will be a week from the time we broke up. I am making up my mind to move on, to get over it. Heather is putting forth good effort into keeping friends. She made me treats, she attempted to hang out, I am just being difficult. I guess in our history, though in a different context, this has happened before. I turned her down when she said she liked me, and i tried to stay friends with her. I can't be selfish here. Through all we had been through, i thought we might be meant for each other. However, i guess it never really was meant to be...

I wish i had something else to talk about. but i don't so deal with it. come back later when i have something less... bitchy

the story goes on.... for now.

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