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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fruitless Relationships

Everyday for the past few weeks i have been "reinventing" myself over and over again. Does nothing work? Not so far... i feel like i am starting to make progress now.

Who do I think I am? I'm really not much of anything special. I think about that every day. I am a slightly overweight kid, that works for a 9-5. I'm only an average designer, and i have a blog that makes semi-obvious observations. I really don't have a whole lot of offer the world. I will find my place someday.

I slacked off enough at work today to be able to write a blog post, but i didn't.

Hard Candy. I started it tonight... but got no more than 30 minutes into it before i had to go. I will finish it tomorrow. That, and The third Harry Potter Movie.

I help Aaron officially move into Kansas City today. It will be good having him around. With Aaron doing his darndest to be with his girl, I am little jealous of them. They are just seem so happy together.

I am beat from today. I had plans for this post... but they were thwarted by fatigue. tomorrow maybe.

Someone go to see Tegan and Sara with me. No rush it's not until November.

"yeah, i move pretty baby, where the skies are so blue"

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Baby, It's Been a While

The music starts up, and a forest of arms arises. Peering through, you can see the boyish face covered in shaggy hair, that matches the wining voice on stage. When it's all over, the music fades to a piercing ring, bringing all other sounds do a dull mute. I saw Taking Back Sunday, UnderOath, and Armor for Sleep tonight. It was a great show. Taking Back Sunday is always a good time, and the opening bands put on a great show was well. I really enjoy going to shows with Heather especially. Ever since I saw Heather holding hands with her Ex way back 2 years or so ago, I have wanted to do the same. That, and to protect her from the raging mosh-pits (even though she could probably handle herself). Tonight I got my chance. We had a romantic "high school date" where we went to McDonald's and the concert. It was exciting to say the least. I would do more of a review on the show but i don't feel like it this time.

Somehow concerts have made their way back into my scheduled activities. First Vedera and other local acts, and then the Shins, TBS... I might also see Vedera again this weekend, Straylight Run later this month, and the Decemberists in April. There are plenty of other shows I would love to go too but I just can't afford all of this.

There is a good chance I am going to buy a Wii this weekend. Next on the list to buy after that is either a tattoo, or an iPod.

This past weekend was an excellent time. We traveled out to Legends. Of course this destination had to be an outlet mall, so I couldn't help but spend lost of money at mildly discounted prices. My fashion consultants; Kristen, Lauren, Bob, and Heather, didn't help either. I got:
-a Banana Republic Blazer
-a Gap Jean Jacket
-a stripped T
-Nike Running shoes
I felt all were well worth the money spent though. I'm also very glad I am able to really connect with these people out here. I feel like each day I grow closer to these people making them lifelong friends.

This is a crock of shit. I find it ironic how someone can complain about Macs not shutting up, but everyone knows that PC users have a history of complaining about Macs since they were built.

I missed Lost tonight... looks like I will have to catch up tomorrow at work. Yeah, I know, I'm terrible. Goodnight folks.

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