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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Free King

For the last five days or so, it has been surpassing 100 degrees here in Missouri. The days seem short, but the weeks seem long. I guess thats how summer moves...

I find it funny how, relatively speaking, things never really stay "good" for me. And I guess the same can be said for my "bad" times. I am the type of person that learns to cope, adjust and deal with what i have been dealt. Same can be said for almost everyone, I suppose. We all get used to our surroundings, and habits, and mindsets, until something comes along that messes with it. Whether it's bad or good, and the severity, determines that amount of time it would take you to adjust. Also, if you are trying to adjust to something that has brought you down, and you are on a slow upward battle to get back to "normal", little glitches in your so called "normal" seem so much bigger. Is my real problem that i have to be "better than normal" to be happy? When you taste happiness do you ever really want to go back to just "OK"? So, when "happiness" becomes your normal, then you reach for the next level of happiness. It's either that or, like me, something changes and you are back to where you began. All of the best things i can think of that happen to me, are soon taken away. If i would look at my life as a graph and my starting point for happiness were 0, you would find that I would pretty well even out back to 0 (most likely a little bit below). I guess thats not too bad, but it would be nice to be above the keel for once.

When you are angry on a cell phone, you can't quiet convey it the same way as when you have a phone with a receiver. You can't quiet flip the phone closed hard, or push the button angrily; sometimes you just wanna slam that shit out of that phone down on the hook. Down fall of technology.

Things I've learned about having a dog (Part Three):
- you never have to worry about picking up any food you have dropped.
- you get a lot of extra exercise.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

No Love, Just Heat.

Yesterday i swear it was hot enough to watch birds combust and bust into flames. Today, i suspect is not much better.

Things I've learned about having a dog (Part two):
- sometimes they need to go to the bathroom before 5AM.
- they like to watch you in the bathroom. (everything)
- they help you talk to people.

I have been brought back to a site called Computerlove on-and-off since my sophmore year of college. It's a way of connecting creatives internationally through a site that is a combination Deviant Art/AIGA/MySpace. It has now become less "elite" and more community based. Which is a great change, and being the internet junky i am, it was a no brainer to sign up. Here's my profile. I know, thrilling. I suggest, if you are a creative yourself, sign up and join the party. It's free.

If you actually enjoy my rambling movie reviews i have 2 more to post tonight soon. stay tuned.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Fall Guy

Officially, i am house and dog sitting now. So far, so good.

Things I've learned about having a dog (Part one):
- constant love.
- can't eat without them wanting some too.
- it takes twice as long to finish something.
- you have to think about what kind of trouble they can get into before they get into it.

I'm watching Hackers, which was made in 1995. It depicts a grossly inaccurate world of hacking... probably because it was made in 1995. In contrast, hacking should be relatively non-visual, where as these kind of movies show animated mainframes and bullshit computer jargon that just sounds cool. LOL pretty much everything dealing with technology is over-the-top sci-fi craziness. Cheesy as hell. The movie is full of product placement of Quicksilver, Suzuki, and Nokia. The movie is basically a bunch of sub-par actors running rollerblading around to techno and other bad 90's tunes music looking like an corporate vision of ravers and goth kids. However, it is probably one of the best movies of the 90's (when i first saw it) and somehow even today. Visually beautiful, and fun to watch. Also, it features a smokin Angelina Jolie.

Ouch, Linkin Park. Apparently, people where right when they said all the songs sound the same.

"Cause falling is worse than hitting the ground"

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday in Hell, Saturday Comes Heaven.

Oh, Friday.
The Fridays have been coming faster lately. The weeks fly by. I'm not exactly sure what i have to look forward to when the weekends get here, but at least it's not work.

Today may as well be part of the weekend based upon the fact that I did pretty much nothing up to this point.

I researched 1-18-08 or whatever they are calling it now. I looks like It's going to called Overnight and it is a brand new monster. Everyone is creating fantistic storys and trying to ruin the plot. It looks like keeping the movie a big secret has actually back fired and made everyone super curious about the story. To the point where people probably wouldn't have gave a shit about a movie entitled "Cheese" filming in Central Park, no matter how awesome it looked.

Sadly enough i am a victim of this odd phenomenon that makes us want to know more. I get less tied up in trying to "make something out of nothing", but i will read everyone elses. Here are a few good examples of sites i have been looking at:
Cloverfield: What We Know So Far - My favorite. Based off of mostly speculation. Run by a cute girl.
Cloverfield Clues - This guy knows what J.J. Abrams ass smells like he does so much research. - The most reasonable blogger. Thats why it's not as fun.

It's been a week since i traded in my Pa Licence and became officially pinned to Missouri. I looked a lot different back then. =) I have been concidering drivng home again for Christmas. Heather said she would be interested in "road tripping it" and if her, and possibly more people joyed in on the "fun". It would certainly save on cost. But would it be worth another 17 hours in the car, with possible nasty weather, and would we have enough room for luggage and hopefully lots of gifts on the way back? It's hard to think of winter and Christmas, when it feels like hell on earth outdoors. I look forward to going home again though.

In other news, Riley is getting spay today. Poor girl. I love that dog. I would pretty much do anything for her. I assume everything is going according to plan. Tomorrow, i will be at the airport taking Bob and Lauren, which starts my one week stint with Donte their rottweiler. He and I are good buddies so it should be a good time. Living a week with him will give me a good idea what it will be like to actually have a dog myself... and what it would be like to live on the Kansas side... neat.

Textures. For work, our team (mostly just Tony and I), when they have time, we are compiling textures to add to our work in Photoshop. So i have been dragging a piece of paper on the ground all morning, sanding down images, basically looking like a crazy person. But it's something to do.

I'm not sure what the rest of my agenda is looking like today. Only time will tell.

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