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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Optimist and the Half Empty Glass.

iamana: a small portfolio with lots of cool stuff. Can't you see that sweet-ass robot. Enjoy.

I have a headache.

"i'm a hopeless romantic, you're just hopeless."

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hard to Swallow.

[image removed]

Last night i took my work home with me. unfortunately, my art director didn't appreciate the result. So, now the internet gets a taste because *EDIT* doesn't own it, i do. If i'm lucky, i will still use it later on something else.

Today after my 9 hours of work, i took a break to go see Sweeney Todd, and then back to work for another 2 hours after that. SO, more tomorrow... because right now, i am still at work and i want to leave.

Based upon what my anonymous tipsters mysteriously threatening comments, i decided to take down image just in case. I'm upset that something that i do on my own time at home, as soon as it touches *EDIT* ground it's theirs. sigh.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thunder is Always Louder in the City

Crap, it's so hard to post anymore. My significant lack of motivation has led me from posting every day to every once-and-a-while. But don't worry trusty readers, this doesn't mean the end of Dusel Blogs!. Infact, you should probably get out while you still can because soon the movie reviews will be back. I have actually been reading other blogs more often now, such as Smosch, Kotaku, of course, the awesome NOTCOT and even sometimes What Would Tyler Durden Do?. For better or worse, i feel like i want to blog more because of them.

Luck for us here in Kansas City, it looks like the freaking Apocalypse outside. And just incase typed sarcasm escapes you, we are not lucky at all. It looks about midnight, just before 3 in the afternoon. Don't forget the tons of rain and flooding.

Good God, i love patterns. Enjoy this tasty treat of patterny goodness:

From Dan Funderburgh. Who also does some beautiful hand done type, and urban-esqu illustration.

Also, Julia Rothman (Aaron blogged it first):

And this guy, who i have no clue who he is anymore. Infact, if you know his name please let me know.
Ray Fenwick

If they aren't enough pattern for you. You can check out Flavor League, where much of Dan Funderburgh patterns, as well as plenty others, like scatch-and-sniff, are sold as wallpaper. Personally though, i think scatch-and-sniff wallpaper is an awful idea.

poof! gone.

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