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Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Morning February.

To me, this is going out with a bang. Lettering training is over, so i will take it down a notch with the posting (at least when it comes to type). Maybe i will complain more about life... would you like that? hm? Who knows. Anyhow, the awesome Jeremy Pettis! Typography treatment for 26 different animals. Each one unique and beautiful.

So, a short story; today i was basically forced to watch something i should have been more than willing to watch on my own. His name is Rives (pronounced reevs), and he was here for Hallmark's Word Week. Upon watching the video i was in love. Not as much with the man (though he was quite the looker), but rather with the words, and the concept. It really reminded me of when i used to write poetry. I call it that, but in reality it was just mush on a Word document, blog, or in the column of a notebook page. But this is what romance sounded like. Even the way Rives moved his hands was poetry. It was so "gorgeous" and perfect, that after smiles, only came envy. I can already feel it flowing through me. The will to make words flow like blood through veins. And will I? possibly. Right now? You decide.

This is what it's like living your life always wanting to be somebody else...

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