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Monday, January 21, 2008

Modern Day Musical

Good-day readers,
By now, i would be half way through the work day, probably staring blankly at a card, distracting myself with AIM and e-mail. But today, thanks to the the passion of MLK, i get to sleep in, make breakfast and be bored and alone at home.

Friday night, i got out to see "There Will Be Blood" with Aaron and John, which is always a good time. We got Aaron's new suit, gorged on Cici's Pizza, and just made it. It wasn't "the best movie of last year." In fact, i feel as if i am still trying to grasp the whole thing. The musical score was amazing, and Daniel Day-Louis is a tremendous actor, so together they did make the movie compelling.

The next morning i got up early to take Aaron to the airport. Basically, sealing my weekend to my apartment.

To go with rest of my brilliant month of January, the only real thing i had planned for this weekend, was play some of my new games for the 360. Of course this was foiled by what they call "the red ring of death". So, i drove all the way down to Best Buy in Oak Park to get a new one... they were fresh out of 360's as of that morning. Best Buy is going to get an ear-full next time i go. So needless to say, that didn't make my weekend outlook very bright.

The highlight to the weekend most definitely was the movie "Once." On Sunday afternoon (before the disappointing Best Buy trip), instead of watching the Patriots win again, i put in this DVD that i have been putting off watching for weeks. I would have loved to watch it with a girl, but it was probably less embarrassing getting all giddy myself. It was adorable. It wasn't overly emotional, but some how you really connected with the characters. It was filmed to look like it was a documentary following the guy who needs the love of the girl, to get him motivated to make music. I was worried the songs would be awful, being that it's a self proclaimed "modern day musical", but i was wrong. I guess the "modern day" is more predominant than the "musical" in this movie. How i feel about this movie is pretty clear; basically, if you could combine my two favorite things together, movies and live indie music, you get this film. Lets just say, If i would have watched this movie last year, it would have definitely made a run at the number one spot for my favorite movies of 2007. The one thing i didn't like about this movie was the poster... i could have even did a better job.

Back to work and loneliness on this gray winter day.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Forgetting One Year.

"so this is the new year, and i don't feel any different."

2007 was a hard year for me. There were a lot of down times, but at the same time, there were a lot of highlights. Between this past year and the one before that, i feel like i have changed, but mostly grown a lot. Dispite this, here's to moving on. Here's to the new year; too the good times and the bad, let them shape me an make me a better person. Here's to you, me, and everyone i know to finding love and happiness in your everyday life...

Happy New Year.


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are You There?

There are certain things i miss about rural Pa, that just aren't the same out in the city. Stars are one of those things. I was stopped dead in my tracks tonight. I had to back up, lean onto my car, and just gaze into the glory of the sky. I love looking at the stars and wondering who might be simultaneously looking at the the same set. I think i caught a glimpse of a shooting star... so i made a wish. I never really have good luck with wishes, but i figured maybe i was due.


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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life's Waltz

Blogging has been a struggle. Even now, I am not finding much reason to post. Let me set the scene for you; the apartment is cool, slightly dusty and well lit. The only decorations i have up are one strand of lights along the top of my sliding doors. No trees, no wreaths, no well-dressed dogs (though i wish this wasn't the case). The TV is on in the other room with the volume up just loud enough for me to hear from the most cluttered room of my apartment where i sit. The computer i am typing on is brand new and finally running well, yet sits upon a rickety particle-board desk. It now has the essential programs of CS3, but i am unmotivated to use them just yet. The only thing running other than this browser, is AIM, and a download. I feel groggy and congested, with a slight head-ache, but somehow i can't bring myself to go to bed. So i type. Despite all of this, which, may or may not sound grim to you, I did something today that made me feel excellent. And lately, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I go out more often now, and when i am not out, i am content with my place on the couch. The fact of the matter is, I find it hard to sit down and post when things are going really well. Really, thats when i should feel most compelled to write, but frankly it's just the opposite. But I am great. Things could always be better, but i certainly can't complain.

After I have bored you to death with all of that rambling, a couple things:
- within the next week or so I am going to set up a Flickr account and fill it with pictures.
- as soon as my sister gets back to me, a splash page should be online and running.
- i will be making more shirt designs for threadless (many with the help of Aaron Guillermo Hale).
- will be making a christmas card to send out.
- and a little secret that i care not to share just yet.

What i have been doing:
- i met Richard Quest.
- lots of downloading.
- eating lots of Chik-fil-a with Lindsay.
- a little secret that i care not to share just yet.
- Playing Halo 3, Assassins Creed, and Super Mario Galaxy.

the Soulsavers - Revival. Beautiful song. Go ahead give it a listen.

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