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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Forget My Best Titles.

click to zoom in. this are all knit characters.
I wish i had the persons link to who ever did these originally, but you will have to celebrate the entire collection here instead.

I hope to redesign my blog soon, and mostly update my links. There is so much talent that you are missing out on that blogs too.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He is the Break in Our Line

Michelle Rheaume Design's

This is one i have been trying to post for a while but i have become backed up on other things. I would like to say it's because i am working on my sisters website non-stop, but it's not... it's World of Warcraft. However, i have been busting my butt on Kayla's page, and you will see an update soon. Also, work has been crazy as well. Moving on, the meat of this post is about adorable softies from Michelle Rheaume. She is amazing. I first discovered her through this:

Most are either treat or Mario themed, and all pretty reasonably priced. I am always a sucker for a well crafted item, especially when it is pertaining to something i like. If it wasn't totally fem to have something like this in your kitchen, i would have one in a heartbeat. However, i am still debating.

For more, check out her Flickr

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