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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Happy Monday

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Puget Sounds

I'm off to Puget Sound, Wa. for a week. I have been working like a mad man lately. I don't think i have worked anything less than 9 hours in the last few weeks of work (10 a day in the last week). But that's over. It looks like i am all packed and ready to go, but i guess it always looks that way until you are at your destination with only the underwear you have on. Either way, i am leaving in only moments. We have a rental convertible waiting for us, and plenty of plans.

Be jealous of the weather.
I just figured i would give an update to anyone who is still reading this. I am going to make a solid effort to blog more after i get back. Both here, and on my other blog.

love, Josh

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Battle Song



ps. sorry i'm a bad blogger

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What it Takes to Rule the World

This weekend i actually accomplished (and by accomplished i also mean just start) almost everything i set forth in doing. Mind you, the tasks were mundane, and to most, stupid. One of the last things on the list was blog, because it's been a while. Here it is.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Will contain Spoilers, do not read on if you intend on being surprised. To anyone who actually might read this blog and say "man i know he watched 'Indy 4', it would be helpful to know what he had thought of it", i'm sorry. Because know one actually said that, it doesn't matter. I liked the movie. Yes, there is an epic battle right now between the people who liked the movie and the people who hated it. Like most (unless you are a total closed-minded jerk), i can see both perspectives. The major criticism is coming from the unbelievability of scenes in the movie. But, i mean come on! Indiana Jones road a mine cart through miles and miles of cavern, jumping on and off tracks on two wheels, just after a man rips out a heart with his bear hands... And though, religious in origin, a face melting box and 200 year old man are also pretty far out. In my mind these are no more "out-there" than aliens, and surviving a nuclear blast. Honestly, the only scene that bothered me when i watched it the first time was the "Tarzan" scene. After the second time (yes i saw it twice, before thursday evening), i realized this was yet another B-movie commentary on the time period. The Crew had to update Indy for a modern audience, while still holding the integrity of the original. Each person, Lucas, Speilburg, and Ford, had their fingerprints all over the final product. It was like Close Encounters meets American Graffiti in and Indiana Jones movie with CG gophers... wow. What i really feel the movie was missing was subtlety and tact. Everything was plainly spelt out for you, to the point where you felt it was stupid. For example, they didn't need the CG alien, it was pretty obvious what was happening. Also, my biggest complaint of the film was the fact that there were too many characters trying to share the spotlight. Marion, Mutt, Ox, Indy, and Mac were just to many good guys. If they could have found a balance as they did in Last Crusade, it would have made a better film for me. These things however did not stop you from being entertained. And thats what the movie was all about! The action scenes were, well, bad ass, the wit and humor was spot on and it was over-all and "Indy" movie. So what, i loved it. Give me a break!
Sexy and the City I don't need to see it to tell you it sucks. You can't pick up after a series has a good finish, and make a 2 hour movie out of it. It becomes boring and predictable.
The Strangers i feel as if i am alone on this one, but i loved the movie. I would definitely recommend it to classic suspense lovers. Right down to the promo posters it was set up to be "retro". Admittedly, while doing a "classic" movie feel, it also had the classic pit-falls too. The ending got a little sloppy, where the killer gets away (straight to video sequel?), and of course people make decisions that are not rational even for a normal person. But, this makes it fun and exciting for me. The fact that it didn't need gore to thrill you and keep you nervous was awesome. Putting a masked killer in the background where only the audience can see them and not the victim, just standing there doing nothing, that's brilliant to me. It was "based" on true events, and by that, they mean, two people were killed in a house, and there was no killer found. They are trying to give an easy scare to suckers, so they made it pretty clear "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" style, how it went down. It definitely could have been better, sure, but off the top of my head... i can't think of something to truly complain about. If you are looking for a cheap, ol' fashion scare, this is your film. If you are looking for something innovative and different this isn't your film.

this gives me a big movie boner.

Signing out for now,

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Guess We All Can't Be Friends Forever.

I figured there were enough words in the last post to last a while.


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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Argyle Heart

Randomly awesome or awesomely random. In my web surfing adventures i found my computer full of nonsense, i mean research.

I'm now hitting the gym, then more Val Research today. Seize the Day!


PS. It is bad i totally love it when Dave Matthews Band shows up randomly when my iPods on shuffle?

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

He Doesn't Fool Me.

Bravo TCM. Brilliant. Take that you writers.

Design Police - Now all they need to do is arrest people for poor design. I think next week i am going to do a dedication to badly designed products, websites, ads, etc. That sounds like a lot of fun. Let the recommendations flow in. To bad i should be on the list too.

i am being a big baby and skipping the gym because i am sore all over. Will I go Saturday to make up for it? ...maybe. i think will do some sit ups then take a nap because i can barely keep my eyes open long enough to do this post.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December Brings...

This is probably the coolest deck of cards you will ever see. Thanks to Laura. Also, thanks to Laura, i had a great night tonight.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good. Fine.

Elf Yourself
just me and my zombie friend. chillin'.

but if you really want a good laugh. try this
Why didn't Hallmark think of this first?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Game of World Domination

I'm a huge geek.

"if my mind's the weapon, my heart's the extra clip."

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crack, Dry, Fade

Dear Megalodon,

I think you are totally sweet. Do you still exist? I think you do, but people say you don't. What was it like to star in Jaws? Who do you think would win in a fight, you or a band of highly trained ninjas?

Love, Josh

There needs to be bad design in the world for people to know what good design is, as Heather put it so well. This Guy makes people know for sure. It's so bad i want to repeatedly punch myself in the face.

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