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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Messengers of Mortality

Happy Birthday to my sister.
and April Fools.


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Friday, August 17, 2007

I Found You in the Tall Grass

I'm going to hit you from all sides with a music theme today.

FIrst off, Kanye West is dropping a new ablum soon too, and had his over artwork done by famous Japanese illustrator Takashi Murakami. You have to give credit to Kanye for not only have good taste, but not putting his face on the album cover. Judging by the sound of his single "Stronger" (hit up the link, to watch the video), sampling Daft Punk. I have been told this album is not so good. BUT, I have a little faith now.

The above video is awesome. The song is ok, but the video was made almost completely using a pop-up book. Hot!

Next, Iron and Wine, you musical genius. This song, Boy with a Coin, is spectacular. It's a rather cheery, almost ethnic feel, but with sorta a dark undertone. It's just so well put together. And besides this, Sam Beam is a master of lyrics. I'm not sure why i never really got into his music based upon the fact i love his remake of "Such Great Heights". This new album drops sometime soon i believe, and after hearing this song, i am anxious to see if the rest hold the same greatness. GOD, i can't stop listening to it. Jenna you have every right to be psyched for this album!

I have more about MTV, but i am itching to leave work so i will save it for another time. Enjoy whats there.

movies tonight?

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thrash Life.

Ok, Guitar Hero heads, get ready to get your mind fuckin BLOWN!

DragonForce rips dude.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Your Web.

Based upon the fact that everyone i know (... two people, but none-the-less) have been posting about poisonous animals in there posts, i figured i would do some research. Now, the brown recluse spider (which everyone and there mom has seen the pictures of its bite on the internet) is pretty much only resident to one area. Here. The south and midwest. Along with that bad boy, there are 18 other spiders (19 total) that roam Missouri, including the Missouri Tarantula. NEAT! In contrast, Pennsylvania also has 19 breeds of spiders as well. Including... you guessed it; THE BROWN RECLUSE! There are some major differences that you should worry about instead, but i am not going to bring them up in hopes that you all stop worrying. Somedays i just wish a brown recluse would bite me...

in 4 hours i will be up for 24 hours... i'm hoping that won't be the case...

I haven't really been able to put a whole lot of time into doing some hard research, so design posts have been hard to come by. here are somethings that i thought were cool.

the Cool stuff:
Gal Shkedi did a beautiful animation for Staving in the Belly of the Whale by Tom Waits as a GRADUATION PROJECT. Crazy.
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 has already started advertising. Check out the shit for hilarious pictures and videos featuring the scary/adorable Bunnies.


"Disarm your self-destruction."

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Love (Fireworks)

RJD2 video in Philly. At least it looks like Philly. This guy is smooth on crutches.

I was having a good talk with my friend Heather Kerchner from home, when we started to talk about college and moving away (she is taking a job in Knoxville). It's funny how life isn't how we expect it to be. Especially when it comes to friends. You spend all your time building relationships, only to move away and have to start over. Almost everyone in college moves away, and it's hard to stay friends with the distance. Our parents say, "take your time growing up and enjoy school while it lasts", but you don't realize it's the truth until it's too late. In contrast, I was talking to my friend Heidi from high school and she was saying how it was great that our reunion really refurbished some of her old friendships. Unfortunately, like I, she is in a different state and has to travel home to see those old friends. I miss my friends from home, and from high school, but i wouldn't trade the new friendships i have made here in Kansas City for anything. And just like college, in time, we will move away.

I don't know what it is with me lately, but i have been putting a lot of thought into this nonsense. I'm sorry i don't have more design stuff to talk about. I look forward to this weekend so maybe i can keep my mind off of it.

I'm pretty excited to go to my friend Em's wedding reception on Saturday evening. Sunday, I promised Heather Garth i would finally go to church with her, and then going to lunch. I'm doing my best to make my life more interesting, and to make the most of my time. I was also invited to a party sunday afternoon, i think i might go to that as well. But that one is up in the air. In between i am going to start designing a website for my sister.

Tomorrow, if i have the time, I hope to upload some stuff. I guess this is where the post ends today.

Love, Josh
"I am the reason you're always complaining. This is my side of the story..."

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